How The Menopause Can Have Serious Implications

For our US readers, we’ll give you a little insight into one of the UK’s national treasures. Carol Vorderman. She’s what most would call the ‘Thinking Man’s Crumpet’. She’s stunning, in good shape, a genius (a member of Mensa actually), brutally honest, funny, caring, charming, and she has big boobs. She found fame in the […]

Fracking in the UK is Becoming More and More Sinister

Fracking is currently seen to be as an easy, effective way of extracting Shale Gas from the earth, which in theory sounds pretty good, similar to coal mining ore mining, however, we have one very large problem. We know nothing about it. The UK Fracking sites which are currently being proposed are not only in […]

New Statistics Show People living with HIV Can Expect To Live Past 70

In the 80’s and 90’s, the mere utterance of HIV or AIDS would send a chill down even the most hardened of hospital Matrons, and this unknown and somewhat exotic ‘disease’ was baffling everyone from one side of the globe to the other and back again. Fortunately, thanks to extensive research and funding on both […]

Lives Put at Risk through Computer Ransomware Cyber Attack

Whilst for many business and companies affected by the cyber attack that rendered computers all over the world useless on Friday, there were some very serious side effects of that prolonged attack that being in the UK many people had their long awaited operations cancelled by the National Health Service. We have just heard from […]