Cinema: A slap worth millions of dollars

As we know, Will Smith is an American movie star. Prestigious and widely renowned, this actor earns millions of dollars a year. Right now, this Hollywood star is losing his reputation to some directors and streaming platforms.

After his slap addressed to Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony which took place on March 27, Will Smith begins to encounter problems in his career. After this controversy, some production houses and streaming platforms have decided to withdraw the role of this actor from their project.

For Will Smith, the remarkable consequences of the slap in the face to Chris Rock are:

  • The cancellation of the Netflix collaboration
  • The announcement of the Academy of Oscars on the taking of sanctions against this actor (not yet informed)
  • Slowdown in projects with Sony

Resignation from the Academy of Oscars

During the Oscars ceremony on March 27, the Hollywood star caused an incident because of his anger against comedian Chris Rock. In fact, the latter made a joke that goes beyond the limit towards the wife of Will Smith. This fact led to the rise of Will Smith on stage who almost slapped the master of ceremonies.

After this incident, Hollywood’s most famous actor repeatedly asked for an apology. A few minutes later, he received his first Oscar. Yet he finally resigned from the Academy of Oscars.

Thus, the mode of cinema is still waiting what possible sanction will give the Academy to Will Smith after this slap caused by his anger

Bad Boys 4 on indefinite hiatus

According to information from Hollywood Reporter, the Bad Boys 4 movie is on hold for the time being. Even though this film had great success in the world, the producer put the project on hold due to the incident of the main actor during the Oscar ceremony.

By the way, it is good to know that the movie Bad Boys: For Life had generated 400 million worldwide for only 90 million budget. In addition, actor Will Smith had already received a 40-page script before the Oscars ceremony.

Fast and Loose, a project slowed down by the slap of Will Smith

Last weekend, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Netflix had slowed development on the movie Fast and Loose. The latter is an action film in which Will Smith was to be the main actor.

Indeed, shortly before the Oscars, David Leitch, the Fast and Loose project manager, had given up to focus on another Fallguy project. After that, Netflix aims to find another director. Yet Will Smith, the film’s hero, performed an astonishing act in front of the audience at the Oscar ceremony as well as the viewer. After this act, the Netflix platform decided to slow down this project while awaiting the verdict of the Oscar Academy court on the fact that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Continuation on the “Emancipation” project with Apple TV+

Despite the slowdown and suspension of some projects, the feature film titled “Emancipation” is currently in post-production. This film should be released this year. In other words, this project is still in full development and Apple TV+ has not yet thought of interrupting the progress of the project. So, we can say that the actor Will Smith is still in a good relationship with this platform

Good to know: The movie “Emancipation” is based on a true story. In this film, Will Smith stars as a runaway slave who tries to escape through Louisiana and head north to join the Union Army. This film directed by Antoine Fuqua (known for the film Rage in the Belly, Equalizer, etc.) is an interpretation of history during the time of slaves in the United States. “Emancipation” is an Apple project that had been announced since the year 2020 but filming had experienced some suspensions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the producer finally got around to shooting the entire film and started post-production.

In summary, Will Smith is having major career issues right now. Studios, production houses and streaming platforms have suspended their relations around the world with this actor. Still, Will should come back strong but he must have patience for time to fix everything.

Virginie Letang
Virginie Letang
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