VW Kombi T2C: The Most Coveted of Volkswagen Combis



The VW Kombi T2C has established itself as a true legend in the leisure vehicle world. Combining a vintage design with rarity, it has become one of the most coveted Volkswagen Combis. In this article, we will explore why the T2C stands out as a gem in Volkswagen’s history.

The History of the VW Kombi T2C

The T2C, the last iteration of the famous Volkswagen combi, was produced exclusively in Brazil. Launched in 2013, this model marked the end of an era for VW combis, integrating a retro style with modern improvements. Its limited production of just 600 units quickly made it a collector’s item.

Unique Features of the T2C

The T2C is distinguished by its design, which blends the traditional aesthetics of VW combis with more contemporary elements. Its technical specifications, while retaining the spirit of previous models, have been modernized to meet current standards.

Rarity and Market Value

The rarity of the VW Kombi T2C has significantly influenced its market value. In 2023 and 2024, similar models sold for around 60,000€ in Europe, proving its status as a highly desirable collector’s item.

Cultural Impact of the T2C

The VW Kombi T2C is more than a vehicle; it is a symbol of freedom and adventure. Its rarity and unique design make it a favorite among classic car enthusiasts and collectors.

Comparison with Other VW Combi Models

Compared to other VW combi models, the T2C’s rarity and exclusive Brazilian production give it a special status. It embodies the ultimate expression of Volkswagen combi design and spirit.

The VW Kombi T2C in Popular Culture

The T2C has left its mark on popular culture, often representing a bohemian and adventurous lifestyle. Its presence in media and classic car gatherings testifies to its enduring cultural impact.

Advice for Collectors

For collectors, acquiring and maintaining a VW Kombi T2C requires special attention. It is advised to focus on the authenticity of parts and adherence to traditional restoration methods.

The Future of the VW Kombi T2C

With its unique history and rarity, the T2C is likely to continue gaining value. It represents not only an excellent investment for collectors but also a legacy of automotive history.


The VW Kombi T2C, with its unique blend of retro charm and rarity, remains the most coveted of Volkswagen Combis. Its value is not only monetary but also historical and cultural, making it a stand-out vehicle in the hearts of enthusiasts.


  1. Why is the VW Kombi T2C so coveted?
    • Its rarity, unique design, and specific history make it extremely desirable for collectors and vintage car enthusiasts.
  2. What is the current value of a VW Kombi T2C?
    • Models in good condition can reach around 60,000€, reflecting its rarity and popularity in the collector’s market.
  3. How does the VW Kombi T2C compare to other Combi models?
    • The T2C stands out due to its limited production and unique features related to its Brazilian origin and recent manufacturing.
  4. Is the VW Kombi T2C a good investment?
    • Yes, due to its rarity and increasing demand, it is considered an excellent investment by collectors.
  5. What advice for maintaining a VW Kombi T2C?
    • It’s important to maintain the authenticity of parts and follow appropriate restoration methods to preserve its value and unique character.
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