How do I stop spam email attacks?

Opening a spam email will not cause you any pain. However, if you click the link in the spam email, you will likely lose your data. Spam attacks, also known as phishing, are the most common way fraudsters use to scam people. The link could be malware or ransomware. Millions of people have lost their money because they clicked the link in spam.

Tips to stop spam attack

A spam attack can ruin everything you have worked for. No wonder it is advised that sensitive information should not be kept in the emails. To protect your email from spam attacks, do these things.

  • Report suspicious emails: If you notice that an email address keeps sending you spam emails, report it. Remember, spam emails are unsolicited emails that drop in your inbox or are spam. If you report the email, the provider may block the address.
  • Unsubscribe to unwanted mailing list: These days, before you buy products online, you may unknowingly subscribe to a newsletter or mailing list. To stop receiving unsolicited newsletters, tap unsubscribe to the lower part of the email. You will no longer receive email from the email address.
  • Block the email address: If you report an email address and keep receiving emails, you can block it. When you block an email address, it can no longer send emails to you.
  • Don’t open suspicious emails: If you notice that email content is suspicious, don’t open it. However, if you open a suspicious email, don’t click on any link. Fraudsters may use the link to steal your details.
  • Don’t give your email address to websites: Most websites provide a column where users enter their email addresses. Only enter your email address when you visit the website if necessary.
  • Start afresh with a new email: If you notice that your old email is no longer safe to use, open a new one. This is especially important if you are under attack by hackers or constantly receive unsolicited emails.


Importantly, your email address should have a strong password so as not to be hacked. Meanwhile, you can opt for tools like spam or phishing email detectors. There are several email-related tools you can use to avoid receiving spam emails. Finally, if you unknowingly click on the link in the spam email, don’t insert your password if it’s requested. Also, run your antivirus scan immediately to check for malware and avoid attacks. Visit to learn more.

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Virginie Letang
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