How to store your CDB flower properly ?

Over time the taste and smell of the CBD flower depreciates if it’s not preserved or stored properly. If you don’t store the CBD flower properly, it will become moldy or just dry up. Usually, if the plant becomes dry or moldy, you have to dispose of it. There is nothing you can do to revive the CBD to become useful.

Based on this, it’s important to know how to store the plant so it doesn’t dry up or become moldy. This CBD flower preservation tip will be beneficial whether you are a consumer or vendor. Read and learn how to preserve CBD flowers.


One of the best places to store your CBD flower is in a jar. The jar must be airtight to preserve the flower. Meanwhile, this will keep the buds of the flower from humidity. Closing the jar is important but it should not be hermetically. Remember the flower needs air as much as you want the humidity to escape. Meanwhile, when you store the flower in a jar, keep it in a dark place.

Vacuum bags

The CBD flower can be stored in the vacuum bags. Even though you want to store the flower in the vacuum, you must follow the same instructions as if you want to store it in a jar. Therefore, whenever you open the vacuum bags, you must empty the air. In addition, you don’t need to use a typical plastic bag.


The refrigerator can also make an impact in keeping the CBD flower fresh. You can package the flowers in the jar or vacuum and store them in the refrigerator. However, don’t keep the CBD in a freezer because it will damage the buds of the flower and make it decay.


The bottom line is that the CBD flower should be stored in a dark, airy and not moist place. Remember the CBD flower can decay if it is not stored properly. Also, if the CBD flower is not fresh it will most likely lose the nutrients. As a matter of fact, ensure you buy a fresh CBD flower from the vendor.

If the flower is not fresh then it will most likely lose its freshness after a few days of preservation. In addition, you can shop CBD flower from an online platform. Check the reviews of the CBD flower vendor before you buy.

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Virginie Letang
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