Home renovation : how to succeed?

Renovating a home is a type of sustainable investment. This type of investment should be successful because it requires a lot of sacrifice in terms of time and money.

What are the reasons for renovating a house?

Increase in property value.

For investors in real estate with work, the renovation of the building is a key point for a successful sale at capital gain. Thus, to quickly find a buyer, with a fairly high price, the house must be brought up to date.

Improving the appearance of the house.

Sometimes you want to renovate your house when you see how it looks. For this, we can consider changing the decoration, floor or wall covering, furniture, etc. Indeed, the renovation of house can be done in a partial way.

What types of work can you do?

Finishing works

To limit renovation costs, it is better to avoid doing major work on the plumbing and electricity. These seem too demanding tasks. They require specific skills, standards to be respected as well as the use of a professional.

For better understanding, here is a price range for these two types of work:

Type of work Type of work Price (supply includes)
Electricity Partial renovation 50 à 100€ / m2
Global renovation 80 à 120€ / m2
Plumbing Sink/washbasin installation 350 à 660€
Toilet installation Around 500€
Bath installation 450 à 900€
Water heater installation 600 à 1350€

Refreshment work

In this type of work, you can do home-staging. The latter consists of renovating a house while retaining and using as many existing elements as possible in the building.

For example, you can renovate a bathroom, keeping the furnishings and certain equipment. For this, we work on the coatings, the structure and the paint. Thus, we can improve the plumbing and the electricity system to save more money.

Renovation of walls

To have a durable wall, you can opt for renovation. It is advisable to choose the coating that is easy to install, which does not require the demolition of the existing one to avoid additional costs apart from the installation.

So, it is possible to bet on an adhesive wall covering or a paint. After all, there are currently adhesive coatings that perfectly imitate several aspects: natural stone, concrete, marble, etc.

Floor renovation

You can also give a new atmosphere to a house by renovating the floor. To do this, there are a multitude of possibilities in terms of finishes and aspects to facilitate the choice.

What tips for a renovation?

Properly assess the existing

The analysis of the existing is a key step for a successful home renovation project. Indeed, the entire project depends on this analysis. Thus, this analysis makes it possible to determine the work to be prioritized.

Use professionals

Calling on a entretreprise de renovation à toulouse is an excellent solution for a successful renovation project. For this, there is Fovea, in Toulouse, which guarantees the entire project by giving ideas and advice to the owners.

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