Link Farm: what is it ?

As you probably already know, when trying to improve your website’s position on the search engine results page, you want to get recommendations from other users. , websites and bloggers.

Understanding the Link Farm

This is called link building (or link creation), this process requires a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, link farms are designed to speed up this whole mechanism and increase the PageRank of the website within days.

This technique consists of creating several pages, websites or blogs that link to each other, thus increasing their mutual notoriety with SEO sites.

There was a time when link networks were very popular and any website owner could contact an seo agency that had a farm to buy all the backlinks they wanted to create redirects to their website. is recognized for its efficiency and seriousness.

Does Link Networks Help Your SEO?

Chances are, after reading the previous paragraph, you came to the conclusion that a link farm is a very useful thing. In fact, it is a service that meets the basic needs of blogs and websites.

The problem is that link farms are classified as black hat SEO techniques, which is why Google considers them illegal.

A few years ago it was very easy to circumvent search engine algorithms using link farms.

Everything changed when Google started using its Google Panda algorithm, which can measure the quality of inbound links to websites as well as their quality.

It must be said that link farms consist of poor quality pages and blogs with semantic textual content that is of little or no relevance to the sites of the people who use their services.

Let’s say that if a blog admin bought a bunch of inbound links from a link farm directory, chances are he got them from pages that are totally different in theme from his own.

Currently, Google can detect these practices and identify them as blocking elements. Therefore, they not only ignore them, but punish them harshly.

Negative SEO using link farms.

There are almost no link farms today. However, some are still active.

Nowadays, most of the remaining link farms are used to implement Black Hat SEO techniques called negative SEO or negative SEO in English.

Since Google imposes penalties on websites it detects using this type of method, some website owners thought they were doing the opposite.

Instead of improving their site by using a link farm for themselves, they use it on their competitor’s site to penalize them.

Well that’s not fair. If your blog or website is getting a lot of traffic, some of your competitors may decide to use very unethical techniques.

Therefore, they use link farms to send suspicious inbound links to your website pages, which negatively affects your SERP rankings.

To conclude,

As you can see, the behavior described in this article is nothing more than a warning against using this type of service.

When you start developing a website and doing SEO work on it, you may feel frustrated because everything is going slowly.

This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Be aware that in the first months of creating your website, Google will try to verify that the content you create is of high quality and can bring real value to Internet users who use search engines and who read you.

If you start using “black hat” SEO techniques at this early stage, Google will notice and penalize your index.

Therefore, there is a high probability of not landing on the results page first.

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