War in Ukraine: The Ukrainian army takes control of the city of Boutcha

At the moment, Putin has no mercy, the Russian army is still bombing cities, shooting Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, or ravaging infrastructure.

Despite this, the Ukrainian army takes control and is now settling in the town of Boutcha after the departure of the Russian army.

Boutcha: The Russians shoot a civilian who was going to the supermarket

A man who was going to get food from the supermarket had been shot at in Boutcha. The latter is a town located 30 km from the city center of kyiv. A witness claimed “Right in front of my eyes they shot a man who was going to get food from the supermarket”.

Indeed, the Russian armies are considered too brutal. They fire on civilians who are just trying to survive in the Boutcha region.

Too much brutality, some local authorities see that the Russian invasion exceeds the limit. Since the installation of the Russian armies in the city of Boutcha, the Ukrainian army has not been able to make a difference. In addition, only the guards of private companies and the territorial defense who do not have weapons had welcomed the Russians, for this, the territorial defense ended up fleeing.

Turkey calls for an open investigation into Boutcha’s corpses

After the departure of Russian troops, corpses were found in the town of Boutcha. For this fact, Ankara has called for an investigation into this matter. This seems to be Turkey’s first official reaction after realizing that dozens of corpses were found in the streets of Boutcha and in mass graves.

A few days ago, the Ukrainian army finally managed to take control of the town of Boutcha. After seeing the murders committed by the Russian army, Volodymyr Zeleski, the Ukrainian President, denounced this act as the “worst war crime” after the Second World War. This is a kind of “genocide” and several Western countries have announced tougher sanctions against Russia.

Thus, a Turkish minister asserts that killing innocent civilians is completely unacceptable. For this, Turkey will still continue to find a ceasefire so that the invasion does not affect humanity.

A children’s hospital in Chernihiv becomes a shelter

Since the intense bombardments carried out by the Russian army, a pediatric hospital in Chernihiv which has a cold and damp basement has become a shelter for young patients. Chernihiv is a city located 50 km from the border with Belarus. This city has found itself surrounded since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Fortunately, the Russians never took Chernihiv because they are now interested in attacking eastern Ukraine. However, the bombardment in this city is not anticipated.

Due to intense shelling, a hospital in this city of Chernihiv was damaged while in this hospital there were patients victims of cancer and other dangerous diseases.

This hospital is experiencing great damage at the moment, the windows are riddled with holes, an upper floor has been pierced by a shell. For this, the basement has become a place for storing food.

City Clerk Oleksandr Lomako said Chernihiv is now a theater town for Russian “war crime”. This municipal secretary affirms the killing of civilians who were just queuing for bread and water. Thus, the local authorities note that more than 40 people died during the bombardment against a 12-storey building.

Crédits : Pexels

An oil depot destroyed by the Russian army

Near Dnipro, an oil depot was destroyed by the Russian army. A bombing during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday destroyed this oil depot. “Fortunately, there were no injuries,” the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region said.

The governor said that night was difficult because the Russian army attacked from the air. The bombs hit the oil depot and a factory. For this, a very powerful fire ravaged the factory.

It took firefighters more than 8 hours to fight the blaze. Eventually, the fire was extinguished and did not result in any injuries.

In addition, Mikola Loukachouk, head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council, claims that the bombardment by the Russians took place late. In fact, this governor thinks that the Russian army is targeting civilian targets (because there are no Ukrainian military there).

In short, the countries that condemn the unforgivable invasion of the Russian army are still multiplying. On the other hand, after having made killings in the city of Boutcha, the Russian army moves to the East. For this, the Ukrainian army returns to this city to take control.


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