Avoid Playing High House Edge Blackjack Games

Avoid Playing High House Edge Blackjack Games


If there is one thing that can be annoying for Blackjack players, is it the way that many casinos try and adjust their Blackjack games ever so slightly and by doing so they increase the house edge each game plays to over the long term.

For those of our out there who are not aware of what house edge is, it is simply the percentage of players stakes, that any casino is expected to win of them over the long term due to the way each Blackjack game has been designed.

As the playing and betting decisions of players when playing Blackjack can increase or decrease their winning chances, and as it is a part skill game, then a casino will want to ensure their Blackjack games are designed in such a way that they can limit their exposure to players who know what they are doing, and also to ensure they extract as much cash from players who don’t know how to play strategically too.

There are of course many different ways that a casino site or venues can and possibly will increase the house edge on their Blackjack games, and as such in today’s news story I am going to be taking a look at some of the ways they do just that, so you will then be aware of what to look out for hen you next get the urge to play Blackjack in any type of playing environment!

The actual payout odds you will get when you are paid out for a winning Blackjack hand, that being any Ace with any ten valued card can be decreased in value by some casino sites.

The highest payout possible in general for such a winning players hand is 3 to 2, however you are going to some across some casino sites that have shaved those payout odds down to 6 to 5 for such winning players hand and that has the effect of increasing the casinos house edge so always avoid playing any Blackjack game not offering odds of 3 to 2 on such hands!

Many casinos will have some form of bonus side bet option available on many of their Blackjack games and those side bets wagers will give players the chance of winning some high valued winning payouts.

However when placing any type of side bet on any Blackjack game variant you need to be aware the house edges on those side bets are very high and as such you should always avoid placing them as over time they are going to eat up your bankroll!

The number of decks any casino has in the shoe of the Blackjack games they offer can and will also increase the house edge of their Blackjack games and as such try and avoid playing any Blackjack games that have a large number of decks of cards in their shoe, with some hunting around you can and will find single deck Blackjack game variants which are the ones that often come with the very lowest house edge possible!