The FOBT’s you find in most bookmakers shops are often quite ugly machines when you think about it, and there hasn’t been that much thought gone into the design of them over the years.

When they first launched they were quite small in size but very sturdily built, and let’s face it the hammering they get from punters they do need to be sturdy!

However, one thing that does often annoy many players of FOBT machines about their design is that you can often get glare from the lights in those shop premises, and anyone prone to migraines could soon find themselves getting one if they do not select the machine to play and one that isn’t placed in a position where they will get not glare from those overhead lights!

Well it finally looks as though those players have finally been listened to, for there is now a brand new range of FOBT machines being rolled out into many betting shops and it does have to be said those machines are quite impressive to look at and have a new curved type of screen too!

They do offer plenty of unique games as they always have done, and as such you are going to find plenty of slot machines and the usual assortment of casino styled games, with the most played one of course being Roulette.

Keep on reading for I have managed to track down a video showing one of those new machines being played, and as you will see for yourself they are great looking machines!

William Hill Roll Out New FOBT Machines

It is William Hill that has the next generation of FOBT machines available, and one added feature that players will appreciate is that they are now able to charge up their mobile phones when playing them as they have a USB charging points on them!

There are a huge arrange of games and much like the previous FOBT’s you will find they come with a touch screen feature so you can place all of your bets and agers directly onto the betting layout and control all of the slot machines by tapping the screen rather than pressing buttons.

Players can also feed both coins into them and also feed banknotes into them, and to ensure they comply with the law players can choose whether they wish to set their own gambling limits when playing them.

If you would much prefer to pay for your gambling action you can of course have your credits added to these new FOBT machines by using a debit card over the counter, and when you win you can simply click onto the cash out button and by doing so you will be printed off a voucher that you simply take to the cashier and get it exchanged for cash.

If you are unaware what you will also find is that you can take those cash out vouchers to any other betting shop run by the same company so you can cash them in at any other betting shop rather than carry large amounts of cash around with you!

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