Spring is coming: how to forget the little chills under the spring sun

What a pleasure to get up in the morning and walk under the spring sun! The air is light, the grass is green, the birds are singing… But you are not convinced? No matter. This guide will help you remove that feeling of coldness and sadness from your life.

The sun is good for health. The sun is good for you, it’s scientifically proven. Nothing like a little outdoor bike ride to ensure good health and beautiful skin. Take the opportunity to sunbathe with your family, it gives memories to tell your grandchildren.

Above all, don’t forget to bring sunscreen! You risk getting a sunburn, and you will not have tanned skin.

Spring is a season of renewal.

Isn’t it the perfect time to change your hairstyle? How about a square cut, or a boyish cut? Or even a fashionable haircut?

A vacation in a warm country will allow you to get back on your feet in case you had difficulty withstanding the cold. Visit countries in the southern hemisphere, their inhabitants seem so happy…

And then, thinking about the holidays, you can start packing your bags. Remember to bring warm clothes for rainy days.

Also, remember to leave your apartment in order: put the clothes to be washed to dry, do the shopping if you have nothing left to eat, and store your jewelry and precious objects in a safe place.

Spring is a season of love. This is the perfect time to hang out with your friends and make new connections.

We risk not being very fit if we do not exercise regularly, so a little jogging or exercise bike will be welcome…

Forget the received ideas: this period is also when we listen to music more often and spend more time reading.

Staying in France is a way to feel at home abroad. Nowadays many French people live in England, and if you settle in the United Kingdom, you will be able to enjoy French gastronomy.

In the middle of “winter vacation” and “summer vacation”

Let’s be clear: there are not two seasons when you go on vacation, there is only one, which is called “the holidays”. This is the season that everyone is looking forward to: it is the season of relaxation, remoteness, travel and encounters.

You can leave the country to rest “in the mountains”, ski “in California” or scuba dive “in Polynesia”. If you prefer to stay at home, you can visit the “lake region”, do “green tourism” or go “to discover your own country”.
The choice of destination is a personal matter, which does not only depend on the weather.

When we stay in France, we speak of “summer holidays” or “winter holidays”. In fact, summer vacation generally begins in June and ends in September, while winter vacation begins in October and ends in March.

But, if you are going abroad, you can book a summer vacation “in Majorca” or a winter vacation “on the Ile de Ré”.

In general, people are happiest when the weather is nice. For this reason, most vacations are taken in the summer. Thus, the holidays take place “in July”, “in August” and “in September”.

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