If you wander into any betting shop you are of course going to be faced with a huge number of betting opportunities, on every imaginable sporting event and sporting fixture.

However, it can often be the case that some sporting events have to be cancelled due to things such as the weather. There is of course one type of sport you can bet on that is never going to be cancelled by the weather and that is virtual greyhound racing!

In fact, more and more people are enjoying placing all manner of different bets and wagers on those virtual greyhound races, either over the counter or you can play virtual racing games on FOBT machines too, and one reason why they are proving to be so popular with punters is that the races are scheduled to run before and after horse racing and normal greyhound races start.

The way in which virtual greyhound races work and operate is that a random number generator is used to determine the odds available on each greyhound running in one of those races and it is also used to determine the outcome of each race too.

Computer generated graphics are used to present to punters the running of the race, and as such the outcome of each race is completely and truly random, and punters are also going to be able to play any value of bet on each race and will of course also have plenty of different best and wagers available to them on each virtual race too!

One of the most commonly placed bets on virtual greyhound racing is an outright winner type of bet and that will simply see a punter having to pick which one of six greyhounds running in the virtual race they want to win.

The odds are fixed odds meaning that no matter what volume of bets and wagers are placed on any of the virtual dogs the odds are not going to move in value and will remain the same at all times that the betting market is open.

Another bet which can and often does return some high payout amounts is a tricast bet, and when placing that type of bet on a virtual greyhound race you have to pick the dog you think will finish first, second and third in the correct order

You can place a bet of any value on a tricast bet and if you win then you will win the declared tricast dividend which is declared to a 1.00 unit stake so you will win the respective pro rata amount you have wagered.

You can also place something known as a straight forecast bet and when you do so you simply have to pick the dog you think will finish first and second in the correct order, and once the race has been run a win dividend will then be declared to a 1.00 unit stake.

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