Yet Another Insult to the Victims of Terror in the UK

Yet Another Insult to the Victims of Terror in the UK


It has been revealed that a terrorist has been granted £250,000 in legal aid to help prevent him being deported from the UK. Although details are sketchy at the moment, due to his ‘Human Rights’ not much is known about him.

However, we can reveal that he has served a 9 year prison sentence and came over from Jordan shortly after 9/11 claiming to have feared for his life.

In the UK, this comes as another shocking insult to the families and friends of victims, especially in the wake of the Ariana Grande concert, Westminster and the London Bridge attacks which claimed more than 30 lives and has caused life changing injuries for many other.

It is understood that the man lives here with his wife, and was able to obtain a council house (which are like gold dust in the UK), and claim benefits to the tune of £100,000 using a fake name.

His initial claim was thrown out and he should have been deported but again, he evaded the system by using this fake name, and it was only when his bank contacted authorities about strange activity within his account that the net finally began to close in on him.

When his home was raided, and his computers searched, there were manuals on ideal places to wage jihad, including airports and nightclubs, also there were guides on setting up a terror cell and pro Al Qaeda propaganda was found and guides on how to carry out bombings were also found.

This is the latest in a string of asylum cases where legal aid has been used to help those who want to destroy the country, avoid extradition.

A judge even said that his crimes were some of the most serious he had seen before his court, though the government still allowed him to slip through their fingers.

Philip Davies MP said that this case shows that legislation needs to be introduced to make it easier to deport migrants and those who are high risk of being terrorists.

A lawyer for the Home Office said that his links with other terrorists, and the use of aliases makes him ‘the very model of a modern Al Qaeda terrorist’.

The press are unable to print the names of suspected terrorists in case they are put in danger of harm in their home countries, unless they waive their right to anonymity, which unfortunately means his previous criminal past can’t be divulged either. However, to serve 9 years in prison is a very good indicator that his crimes were serious enough to warrant a hefty 9 – 18 year sentence. There are few crimes that warrant these types of punishment, thus meaning the crime was of a very serious nature.

As we’ve said, this is another insult to the victims, their friends and their families who have all be affected by terrorism in the name of Jihad. Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done fast.