Prostate Cancer Overtakes Breast Cancer in its Mortality Rate

I’m sorry ladies, we know all about your bits and pieces, it’s time for men to have a fair crack of the whip. Prostate Cancer has over taken breast cancer in its mortality rate, as it’s revealed that 11,800 men a year, or one every 45 minutes die from the disease, yet there is still […]

Bereavement – No Right or Wrong Ways to Cope

When poet Helen Dumore passed away last year after a battle with cancer, she left something so poignant and beautiful that in her daughter’s time of need, she took comfort in knowing that her mother was at ease with her impending fate. Unfortunately, death can be cruel, brought on by even crueller diseases, or crueller […]

No Need to Be a Purist, All Food Goes Through a Process

Let me give you a basic lesson in food technology. Everything we put in our mouth has gone through a process. Water is purified, meaning that’s been through a process. Beef is Slaughtered, Butchered and then Prepared. Bread rises because of the chemical reaction of the yeast with the sugar. Even your salad has been […]