UK Police See Sense and Release Richard Osborn-Brooks

You play with fire, you’re going to get burned. We’ve all heard the saying about playing with fire. Metaphorically at least, it is true. Two burglars broke into an elderly man’s home while he and his wife were sleeping, long story short, one was armed with a screwdriver, the  victim went into survival mode, stabbed […]

Bookmakers Given a Lifeline with FOBT Stake Suggestions

There is no getting away from the fact that fixed odds betting terminals make all bookmakers a lot of money, and over the last few months the UK Gambling Commission have bene busy determining if there should be a reduction regarding the £100 maximum stake limit imposed on players of those types of gaming machines. […]

Can the Rehabilitation Service Truly Work?

Susanna Reid has recently completed a documentary entitled Children who Kill. This comes after the furore and uproar as it was recently revealed the notorious child killer Jon Venables has been caught again with sickening child abuse images. But this now raises a question of not only ethics, but beliefs. Does the system work? Why […]