I can’t, and hopefully will never have to, comprehend the apprehension the Evans family are going through. A parent should never have to bury their child, but unfortunately, fate is cruel, and for those who do, my heart truly does bleed.

However, the entire situation has turned into a media circus and its ring master is his father, who, I will add seems to be spending more time with the media than cherishing these final hours with his son. To the point it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a book deal in the pipeline.

He’s insulted medical staff from the cleaners to the managing directors saying they don’t care because he’s not ‘like them’, he’s rallied up a small army of professional protesters (send in the DWP I say), bemoaned that not enough is being done for his sons condition, which is so rare, it doesn’t even have a name, and is now threatening to privately take Alder Hey medical staff to court for murder.

His mini army tried to STORM the hospital, a hospital that cares for many, many sick children, and provides palliative care and support for families. Unfortunately Mr Evans, the entire universe does not revolve around Alfie, and that kind of orchestrated behaviour is not only unacceptable, but abhorrent. There are other sick children out there, and a doctor will not break the Hippocratic oath lightly.

You have had, Mr Evans, a hell of a lot more than most, all at the expense of the taxpayer. You’ve had nurses and doctors, even neurosurgeons and specialists working when off shift, coming in to tend to Alfie. You’ve had an audience with the Pope. You’ve had TV coverage, more appeals than I thought was even allowed, you’ve even been on the front page of every newspaper in England.

What about those parents whose children are dying who don’t even get a sniff of that, but accept and cherish what little time they have left with their children? Are they not deserving?

To have an entire hospitals staff running around to solely cater for you is a ridiculous demand, and then for ‘Alfie’s Army’ to then threaten and intimidate the very staff caring for him is deplorable, especially when I suspect you’re the one responsible, as after all, you told them to ‘stand down’.

What Alfie needs isn’t celebrity, he doesn’t need, and probably doesn’t want a mob storming the hospital, or the staff being threatened with violence. What he needs is his parents. You seem to have twisted this tragic situation to get yourself a leg up, and just to prove this point;

You say that it’s Gods will that he lives. God didn’t invent life support. Man did. You can’t have it both ways. Taking advice off an unqualified bible basher who’s anti-everything has done you no favours, for he’s cherry picked the bits of the bible and the law he likes, and disregarded the rest.

You should have dropped this battle months ago, all the staff wanted to do was help, and you’ve caused a war.


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