If you have been keeping track of gambling related news stories recently, then you will be aware that there are going to be some reductions regarding the stakes that UK players can play FOBT machines for.

The UK Gambling Commission have decided that giving players the ability of playing fixed odds betting terminals, that offers lots of different casino games in betting shops across Great Britain for high stake amounts, is putting to many people at risk of additional and overspending.

As such they have decided to propose to the government the maximum stakes are lowered by less than a third of what the stakes are currently, and therefore hope players will not spend as much or will not get as addicted to playing them as they once did.

Whether or not that is going to result in players not spending as much on those gaming machines does of course remain to be seen, and the government of the UK have not yet decided to act on those proposals or not.

However, I do get the feeling that if the maximum stake levels are reduced on those FOBT’s then it is only going to be a matter of time before the UK Gambling Commission is forced to turn their attention to online casinos.

It is possible for players based in the UK to gamble huge amounts of cash from the comfort of their own homes with no restrictions in place regarding the maximum stakes they can play for, and it common sense that online casinos offer more risks than gambling machines in betting shops and betting offices.

There have been a lot of changes regarding the way that UK licensed and regulated casino sites are run and operated, for a start all such casino sites and casino apps must allow players of having the option of selecting some gambling limits when they log into their accounts, so there is the option for players to set their own gambling limits.

However, if a player decides not to make use of those gambling limits they can then deposit huge amounts of cash and can gamble for enormous stake amounts, and that will be of concern to all gambling problem related charities and organisations.

It is however probably going to be at the moment in time when the UK government does decide to change the laws surrounding the maximum stake amounts on FOBT machines that they will then turn their attention to doing the same with online casinos, I will of course keep you fully updated if they do so.


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