Robbie Williams has spoken of his mental health, and how it’s affected him. Normally I would be applauding this with a standing ovation (without looking like Nicole Kidman at THAT ceremony!). However, Robbie, with his now fizzling career is trying to claw it back like the desperate celebs that appear on the likes of I’m a Celeb and Big Brother.

Firstly, his mental health is his own fault. Booze, Cocaine, Weed, Acid, Heroin. If it didn’t at some point enter his system, it doesn’t exist. So it’s no one else’s fault that he’s a train wreck other than his own.

Robbie was, and always will be, the fifth member of Take That. He simply got lucky. George Michael on the other hand was a hugely talented man who struggled with his sexuality, the spot light, coming out, the deaths of friends due to HIV related illnesses, and of course, drink and drugs. He openly admitted he smoked a hell of a lot of pot.

Though there was a seedier side to George, such as his penchant for cruising for sex in public places, and his leaning towards the more fetish side of the sex scene, on the whole, he was actually a pretty nice guy. He called a spade a spade, made no apologies for who he was and generally got on with his life as well as he could.

Not once did you hear George Michael bleating about how miserable his life was, or comparing himself to his betters. If there was a problem with his life, he squarely placed the blame on his own two shoulders.

It wasn’t his fans fault that he’d drink himself into oblivion and get banned from driving for smoking driving while stoned. We didn’t force him to do it. Robbie on the other hand makes it sound like the very people that put  him where he is, and the very people who are bringing him back down to earth, are the cause of all of his woes.

No, I’m not buying the mental health plea. This is an orchestrated plan to try and get him back to what he was. He’s had nearly everything he desired given to him on a silver platter, and has even managed to make money of his own misadventured piteous overthrows. Something that not many people can do.

Yes, I understand working for Nigel Martin Smith was probably hard work, but so would be working for Simon Cowell, or Louis Walsh, but it’s not his fault you decided to essentially pee it up the wall and bite the hands that fed you for all those years.

What this ‘confession’ about his mental health smacks of is self preservation and trying to get himself back in the limelight for a second shot at fame, especially after the hugely successful reunion of Take That.

So go on crying Robbie, because I can guarantee you, not many people are listening anymore.

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