The Dangers of Playing High Variance Slots Revealed

The Dangers of Playing High Variance Slots Revealed


You could end up with a huge hand pay when playing any high variance slot machine, however you do need to have everything fall into place when playing those types of slots.

If you are sat there right now and haven’t a clue what a high variance slot is, then  you need to learn and learn quickly just how they have been designed, for they are a type of slot which has a playing structure that is designed to offer a boom or bust type of playing experience to players.

There are many different ways a slot can and will deliver such a play structure, however it can often be by having simply wild multiplier symbols that can and will boost the value of any base game or bonus game winning combination that spins in.

Wild multiplier symbols that are multiplier by each other when a player spins in more than one of them can also be found on many slot machines, or slots offering a free games bonus feature which has an increasing multiplier value can also deliver such a playing structure.

Being boom or bust slot machines you need to be aware that you may end up licking your wounds if the high variance slot you play is not paying out, for with a reduced number of lower valued winning combinations likely to spin in when playing them you won’t get the chance of recycling your bankroll as you can often do when playing low variance slots.

Even if you do set about playing a high variance slot machine and you do beat the odds and trigger any bonus game attached and on offer on the slot you are playing, there are no guarantees that you will win big from that bonus game.

As such, that is often why you will find players screaming at a slot on which they have just triggered a bonus game and have won hardly anything from that bonus game, so if you were not slightly demented when you set about playing them, you could quickly end up losing your marbles when you do so!

If the temptation to play a high variance slot is too much of a temptation to resist, then keep in mind that your bankroll is always at risk when playing them, and may not last very long either.

Portably the best way to play such slots is for a relative low stake amount, but if you want to throw caution to the wind and try of a huge winning payout, simply set the stake level high, take a deep breath, and then give the spin button a click, and pray that lady luck is on your side.

If you do fancy playing a high variance slot, then give any of the Buffalo series of slots from Aristocrat a try, they have proven to be without a shadow of a doubt popular high variance slot games, that can, whenever everything falls into place, award players with those mega sized winning payouts they often dream about!