Are There Really Too Many Gambling Advertisements?

Are There Really Too Many Gambling Advertisements?


It’s rule 101 for all businesses. You need to advertise to grow. However, depending on the product you’re selling, there are times when it is simply inappropriate to advertise. For example, I, and many, many others really don’t want to be bombarded with thrush cream ‘for your womanly itch’ while we’re trying to eat dinner. Gambling, Alcohol and other adult only activities should also be limited to a time where impressionable young minds are exposed to it.

This basically means, not sponsoring day time TV, being every other advert on a particular channel and keeping the ads after the watershed. Also, there are plenty of ads for gambling apps, some pop up in the strangest of places. It’s not so much the bookmakers or casinos fault, but the fault of whoever the advertisement company is.

Most kids have smart phones, and they spend an increasing amount of time on them, whether they’re messaging, Facebooking, Playing, whatever. But a lot of freemium apps to generate income do use ads, and unfortunately non age appropriate ads do slip through the net, such as seeing Ladbrokes advertised on Candy Crush Saga.

It is from here that our young children can be exposed to the industry, and although it is difficult for a minor to set up an account, it isn’t impossible using mum and dads card, and as they don’t understand the value of money like adults do, you could end up with a whopping bill.

There is the fact that there is such a thing as too much advertising. People become tired of seeing the same ad over and over and this can actually be bad for business as it puts people off.

Teenagers are actually the ones most likely to get into gambling, because they aren’t likely to be watching cartoon network during the day, but talk shows, which seem to all be sponsored by one company or another. It is these very teenagers who will also be intrigued and navigate to the website, and be sucked in by the generous sign up promotional offers.

Let’s also not forget that teenagers aren’t exactly known for reading the small print, and would accidentally see their soul because they didn’t see that clause in the contracts small print.

Now, I’m not anti gambling, I love a flutter, however, we do have to think of what our youngsters are doing, and try to shield them from the darker underbelly of gambling. This can be done in several ways, installing apps and software to phones and computers that will track, and block undesired websites. Limiting the amount of time they can spend on their devices, and if you are concerned about anything, random spot checks of all devices to check out what they’ve been up to.

There unfortunately will come a time when our young will grow up, and as soon as they hit 18 or 21, we are powerless to stop them doing what they please, but we can hope they have the common sense to not become addicted to gambling.