The number of casino sites online is constantly increasing in number, and as long as you have a computer and access to the internet and some form of payment method at hand, then you can very easily sign up to any of them and play your favourite casino games for real money.

However, many casinos not only offer an online gaming platform, they also offer their players a range of games that can be accessed and played, either for free or for real money via a downloadable casino app.

As someone who may be considering using a casino app, you may be sat there right now wondering if there are going to be any compromises to be made, and whether you are going to be getting an enveloping and fully rounded type of gaming experience when you do start to use a casino app.

With that in mind I set about using several different casino apps recently, and below I will enlighten you on just how I found the mobile casino gaming environment, which may help you make up your own mind as to whether it is a playing environment you might be interested in getting involved with!

The first thing I did notice when I set about downloading a range of different casino apps is that some of them tend to use just one casino game designers range of games, whilst some others had games available via their app that were supplied by many different companies.

I did however find those that offered games from different companies much more enjoyable to use for there was a much more diverse range of games on offer on those apps. The number of games did actually surprise me for I as under the impression that there would only be a small number of them available on any casino app.

Bonuses, promotional offers and all manner of addition incentives to download, sign up and start using casino apps are available, but it is going to be dependent on just which casino app you decide to make use of in regards to just how generous those bonus offers and promotional deals are.

But I would say that there are going to be just as many offers available to you when using casino apps as there is when you use an online casinos gaming platform as the way that you access any type of casino games.

In fact, comps are also earned and awarded to you when using most casino apps, so you will get rewarded for your real money gaming action when using a casino app much like you are when playing online or at a brick and mortar land based casino venue.

Every single type of banking option you find at an online casino site is going to be on offer to you when using a casino app. In fact, some of them now let you charge your casino deposits to your phone bill. The amount of time a mobile casino will take to pay you out your winnings can and will vary however, so do pick a casino app that has the very fastest payout times is my advise!

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