British Bookmakers Taking Bets on the Next Prime Minister

British Bookmakers Taking Bets on the Next Prime Minister


Famed for their many unique and novelty betting opportunities, quite a number of UK based bookmakers are currently offering a range of different betting markets on who is going to be the next UK Prime Minister.

Whilst Theresa May is of course the current British Prime Minister has made it known she isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future, if there is one thing you can be certain of in modern day politics its uncertainty!

As such today we are going to be taking a look at some of the most likely and least likely people who may just become the next Prime Minister and looking at their respective odds of doing so.

If you are interested in placing such a bet then as always we would urge you to shop around for the odds you will find available at a range of different betting sites are likely to vary quite noticeably form site to site.

Also, make sure that if you do fancy placing a bet online or via any type of mobile betting app, as opposed to placing a bet in a land based betting shop or office, you carefully pick out the sites or apps you sign up to,

But only ever place a bet at one that is fully licensed and regulated, as that way you are unlikely to experience any problems, depositing, placing a bet and securing the best odds or when making a withdrawal of your winnings!

Right at the top of the betting markets we have David Davis who is currently looking like a good bet for his odds are currently 7/2, making him the current favourite to become the next UK Prime Minster.

The current leader of the Labour party is of course Jeremy Corbyn and if you fancy his chances then you will find odds of around 4/1 are generally available. The third person in with a chance is Phillip Hammond and his odds are currently 7/1!

Many politicians are either pro Europe or anti Europe and one person whose views you will already be more than aware of is Nigel Farage and if you o fancy placing a bet on him then the odds you will find are currently around the 200/1 mark, which do somewhat accurately reflect his chances of becoming the next UK Prime Minster!

Having left politics to work as the editor of the London Standard newspaper George Osborne is an unlikely person to become Prime Minster, however many people do think he is in with a squeak of a chance and are snapping up the current odds of 50/1 on him doing so!

Having some quite un-PC views of things such as homosexuality and being famed for his religious beliefs one total outsider is Tim Farron, but where there is a will there is a way I suppose and as such if you fancy placing a bet on him the best odds we have currently see are 300/1!