It may surprise you to learn that betting on darts is something a lot of people do and as the betting markets have opened allowing you to place all manner of different bets on the Melbourne Darts Masters Tournament you may be thinking of doing so!

With that in mind we are going to be taking a look at the odds available on each of the players left in this tournament, but keep in mind the odds on each player will of course change as the results come in from each match played, and players then begin to get knocked out of it.

Also keep in mind that it will be where you choose to place your bets and wagers that will determine the actual betting odds you will find attached to each player in the Melbourne Darts Masters Tournament, as each betting spite, sportsbook and bookmakers sites will be offering their own odds based on the volume of wagers customers of those sites have place done each play.

The most commonly placed bet on a dart match is an outright winner bet or even an each way bet. Below you will find each of the players in the tournament listed and their respected win odds on them winning the tournament.

If you do fancy placing a bet on the Melbourne Darts Masters Tournament then make sure you do so sooner rather than later at the odds really are going to start to become smaller as player get knocked out of the tournament and there are fewer players left in it!

The one player that is currently the favourite to win the Melbourne Darts Masters Tournament is Anderson, Gary an if you fancy placing a bet on him his current odds are generally available at this moment in time of around 5/2.

One darts player that is famed for his skill and abilities and has plenty of UK based fans is of course Taylor, Phil and his odds on winning this tournament do reflect his chances and he is currently at 10/3 to win!

Another player that has fairly low odds associated with him winning is Wright, Peter and if you do think he is going to win this tournament and wish to place a bet on home you will get odds if you are quick of around 7/2!

Some other players who are in with a chance of sorts of winning include Van Barneveld, Raymond 10/1, Gurney, Daryl 12/1, Cadby, Corey 14/1, Wade, James 20/1 and also Smith, Michael 20/1. Two additional players that it may be worth placing an each way bet on include Anderson, Kyle 22/1 and also Whitlock, Simon 25/1.

All of the other players in this tournament have massive odd associated with them and as such they all have very little chance of winning!

However, you never know any of them could find form and those remaining players and their respective odds are Harris, Cody 200/1, Mathewson, Rhys 300/1, Thompson, Justin 300/1, Platt, David 300/1, Marland, Dave 300/1 an also Kokiri, Koha 300/1!

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