Grenfell Tower Inquiry Needs to be Completed Quickly

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Needs to be Completed Quickly


The tragedy that struck Grenfell Tower has claimed hundreds of lives. Not just the mortality rate, but every single person who lived there.

Memories, mementos, photos, rare CD’s, work computers, leisure computers, furniture. It all sounds material, but as humans, we have a love of physical possession, and we attach to these material items sentimental value.

A teddy our parents gave us when we were newborn, an old dolls house that our grandmother played with as a child, a record that was banned in the 1970’s that our mum bought as a teenager. All of its now gone. Scattered to the wind.

Callous as it sounds, we can’t bring the dead back. All we can do is mourn them and hope they rest in peace. What we need to be focussing on are the living. Those lucky enough to not have been caught up in the fire, and to hope that those responsible for the shambolic cladding which was banned to be brought to justice.

The Grenfell Tower inquiry is going to bring out a lot, and when it does, the s**t will hit the fan, and heads will roll. Though, I feel that this enquiry has been going on for far too long. It’s pretty black and white. Illegal cladding to prettify a building + faulty electrical device = nearly 100 deaths and over 500 people homeless, destitute and in need.

It’s not rocket science.

The faulty appliance wasn’t anyone’s fault. You don’t exactly go to Curry’s and ask for a fridge that will burst into flames at any given moment, and had the resident known it was faulty after purchase, they would have sent it back.

Tower blocks like Grenfell are built of near as damn it solid concrete. This basically means that should a fire break out in one flat, it is highly unlikely to spread to the next flat. Yes, it will be damaged, and will need work doing to it, but the fire should have been contained.

The cladding however, which is how the fire spread so rapidly, gave the fire a place to spread, as there was a narrow space between the wall and the cladding, the fire needed oxygen to thrive, and the only way it was going to get it, was by going up.

This then created a sort of wind tunnel, a concentrated area where the fire would intensify and burn hotter and hotter as it rose because of the fuel. Fire requires 3 things. Heat, Fuel, Oxygen. Grenfell Tower was a sound structure, hence it didn’t collapse, but the cladding was not.

So whichever brain box decided it would be a good idea to use Cladding that is banned in the USA needs bringing to justice, and I’m not talking involuntary manslaughter. I’m talking murder.

Their negligence and penny pinching to maximize profits has destroyed countless lives, and many are now having to rebuild their lives. Those unfortunate enough to have no one are now having to beg, steal and borrow where they can, because this enquiry has been dragged out far too long.