UK Education Reform Needed

UK Education Reform Needed


OK, let’s go back to basics with education.

The time has come to take education back to its core. Ditch the politics, ditch the anti-Brexit spiel, and ditch the ‘includement’ lessons.

The UK is falling further and further behind in league tables for Mathematics. Pythagoras has been taken over by Political Correctness. Trigonometry taken over by Trans Lives Matter. Correlation taken over by Conscious Thinking. It’s all well and good teaching these things, but let’s get the basics taught first.

Knowing the correct pro-noun to use for a Trans person is not going to help you work out how much money you need to keep back to pay your bills. Knowing all about the history of feminism is not going to help you work out how much your weekly shop is going to cost you.

Get back to simple mathematics, and don’t turn it into some pseudo political statement. Granted, some parts of maths are useless in the real world. But a simple, solid grasp of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division is essential.

English is fast becoming a second or third language in the UK. As we have a multi-cultural society, we do expect new comers to not have a 100% grasp on the language. After all, any language is difficult to learn if it’s not your native. My Spanish teacher (who was actually Spanish) occasionally got her English muddled up.

The right words, but the wrong order. But other than the heavy Spanish accent, her English was fine. We need to start pushing students to learn the language, not a diluted version. My 14 year old niece is taking 3, THREE other language classes 3 times a week, yet her English is appalling as she only gets 4 lessons and the rest of her class speak every other language as their mother tongue. Ditch the un needed excess, teach them how to spell, read and correctly write. Are the kids ever going to use Zulu in the world of work?

Science. Simple, when you get your head around it, but needed. Knowing the difference between sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide is important, unless you want to gas yourself. Knowing why bleach interacts with other chemicals again, is important, why mixing 2 parts of Bleach with 1 part of water is the most effective way of killing bacteria as oppose to a 50/50 ratio. Need I say more, simple science is vital, especially in the household where we have to clean.

IT was a new requirement 10 years ago. But none the less, it has stood me in good stead over the years. From upgrading computers to cleaning them out. Sorting virus attacks and selecting my preferred screen resolution. I can also Database, Spreadsheet, Word Process and integrate them all into a single projects which runs seamlessly. We should really be teaching this, not the dangers of internet porn.

Like it or not, we all have to eat, and a good, basic knowledge of the kitchen is essential for all. Never mind making pastry and cakes. Start with the basics of how to cook a meal. The importance of nutrition, why food should be stored and served at certain temperatures. School isn’t only about learning the basics, it’s also to learn life skills. Something a lot have seemed to overlooked.