Ryanair Looking at a Huge Shake up in Pricing

Ryanair Looking at a Huge Shake up in Pricing


It has long been a standing joke that if you haven’t prepaid to use the steps you’ll have to jump off the plane at your destination, and that if they could, they’d charge customers to use the toilets on its short haul flights, which are generally only about 2 to 3 hours long.

But Ryanair are getting sick of one thing above all others. Abusing hand luggage rules and we don’t blame them. People are coming on with huge bags as hand luggage which should be in the hold, taking up other people allocated baggage space and to make things worse, even their children have hand luggage.

Why would a 2 year old need 10kg of hand luggage when I can fit a week’s worth of clothes into a small rucksack and still have room for a laptop, headphones, phone, book and other essentials like a hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, aftershave, deodorant and an eyemask.

These people that are flouting the rules always seem to be of the same socio-demographic and believe that the rules don’t apply to them because they have 2 screaming kids and the parents have decided to pack everything bar the kitchen sink. For the love of God, you’re going to Spain for a week, 2 weeks tops, not emigrating to the back of beyond!

Neil Sorahan, chief of finance has said that if things don’t improve, more stringent rules will have to be put in place, for not only is it irritating when someone decides they deserve more baggage space than you, it’s also quite dangerous, as, as soon as the plane lands, there’s a mad dash to get your baggage and to get off the plane, and the amount of people I’ve seen get a suitcase in their face is too many to count.

There is also the fact that in the airport itself, kids with their own little bags don’t care where they go, they’re their top priority. There’s a reason supermarkets got rid of those children’s trolleys, and that’s because people were getting hurt by kids running around and running over feet, bashing into knees and general being a nuisance.

A large suitcase is more than enough to see a family of 4 through a week or 2. You don’t need to get changed every 5 minutes, you don’t need 14 pairs of shoes, you also don’t need pack so many swimsuits you could give Baywatch a run for its money.

So just think about it, either pack less, or pay for luggage to go in the hold. It’s not fair on those of us that play by the rules and those of us who ended being knocked about because some overzealous toddler for the 3rd time in 10 minutes has run over our foot with their mini ‘Minions’ roller luggage.

Also, remember, if you can’t lift it above your head at home, it’s too heavy and/or large to go in the overhead lockers.