Vile Corbynista is sacked from £80k a year job

Vile Corbynista is sacked from £80k a year job


A woman who attacked the Royal Family has been sacked, but has had the audacity to demand her job back with compensation, or even better, A PROMOTION.

Angela Gibbins, nick named Red under the Bed, launched a scathing and unapologetic rant on social media calling the Royal Family ‘tax funded free loaders’ and although never completely mentioned, said that George was born into ‘White Privilege’. Like he really had much choice in the matter.

The 53 year old. Yes, FIFTY THREE, attacked the young boy who is 50 years her junior as he is currently the only member of the Royal Family who isn’t protected by  pap laws (his sister is bizarrely), and made disparaging comments about the fact he is rich, though she earned a 5 figure sum.

This comes just a few months after George’s first mishap, when he had a temper tantrum, like all 3 year olds do.

To call him white and privileged smacks as resentment and jealousy. Yes, he is born into the most powerful family in Britain, and yes, he has luxury that us mortals can only dream of. But as time goes by, and the Queen passes, and Charles, and his Father, he will be King of England. It isn’t an easy job, and isn’t one he actually wanted. Most of us dream of being doctors, nurses or working in the army. He is going to have to fill the role of king, or abdicate the throne.

He will never be allowed to retire, he will never be allowed a moments peace. Every waking minute, of every single day will be devoted to his country, and ultimately, his land. The land that unless he does abdicate and Charlotte becomes queen, he signs up to protect until the day he dies.

So what can we tell you about this Angela Gibbins woman? Well, she was earning £80k a year, from the taxpayer. Had an all expenses paid credit card, at the taxpayers’ expense, hates the royals, yet was employed by them, and is so far left even the people on ‘On Benefits’ were reeling at her views.

She screamed and cried about migrants a la Lilly Allen, yet, hypocritically didn’t open her door. As David Cameron said ‘We’re all in this together’. Alas that memo didn’t quite reach Ms Gibbins. Nor did the memo about second homes and flats which again she didn’t open up to migrants.

Many will see this as Tory propaganda, but quite the contrary, this is what people need to hear.

This isn’t political, there is no mention of parties, this is out and out bullying of a child who is fortunately too young to know or understand the vile and twisted ways Ms Gibbins has spoken about him and his family.

Fortunately, the Royals, as they always do, hold their head high and like water off a ducks back, maintain their poise and dignity. Ms. Gibbins, you should really take note and follow by example instead of attacking a 3 year old.