Grenfell Tower a Community Divided

Grenfell Tower a Community Divided


For many people, the sight of the Grenfell Tower Block ablaze will live with them forever, however there is something of a community divide in Kensington where that tower block is located.

It would also appear that whilst most of the community in the local area are rallying to the cause and donating all manner of different things to help out those affected, some people are calling for the tower to be demolished and its now homeless residents being moved out!

The number of people who perished in the fire is not yet known, and it has been announced that many of those who did die may never be identified. That has led to a huge outcry as to why the cladding attached to the outside of the building was added in the first place and why a flammable material was used too.

Whilst the cause of the fire has also not yet been confirmed, nor the number of people who did die there are currently hundreds of people who have now been made homeless by that fire, and the local council have been urgently re-homing them in temporary accommodation such as hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation.

However, one thing that has some to light is that the area surrounding the tower block is a very affluent one and those main reason the tower block was given a makeover was to make it look better and not be an eyesore for those much better off local residents.

Some of those residents hate the fact that unemployed and low income families live nearby to where they live and some of those local residents have stated they should move out those low income families to other parts of London!

The Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn upon visiting the scene of the fire however suggested that all vacant homes in the areas owned by the rich and famous should be requisitioned and made available to the now homeless residents of the tower block, and whilst many people agree with his suggestion it has caused outrage with those better off home owners as you could imagine.

This is a story that does offer more questions than it answers, and the only way the truth will come out is via a Public Inquiry, and that is exactly what has been actioned with the UK Prime Minter announcing yesterday that on is to be launched.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to those affected by the fire and its aftermath are encouraged to visit the local council website to find out details of how they can make a donation.