Do Online Casinos Need to Offer More Player Protection?

If you have been keeping track of gambling related news stories recently, then you will be aware that there are going to be some reductions regarding the stakes that UK players can play FOBT machines for. The UK Gambling Commission have decided that giving players the ability of playing fixed odds betting terminals, that offers […]

Exploring the UK

If you’re ever visiting the UK, please remember there is actually something north of the Watford Gap! If you’re ever planning a trip to the UK, please don’t be sucked into thinking that the entire country(ies) revolve around London. In fact, we could all still get on with our lives quite well if London didn’t […]

Bereavement – No Right or Wrong Ways to Cope

When poet Helen Dumore passed away last year after a battle with cancer, she left something so poignant and beautiful that in her daughter’s time of need, she took comfort in knowing that her mother was at ease with her impending fate. Unfortunately, death can be cruel, brought on by even crueller diseases, or crueller […]

World Book Day is Fast Approaching

World Book Day is fast approaching, and it’s a great event that really broadens kid’s tastes on books. They’ll be willing to try different genres, authors, maybe even look for the more obscure stuff. It’s customary to dress your kids up as a character from a book, but there are a couple of unwritten rules: […]