Top 3 most played board games right now

Board games have been among the most popular games for players for several years. They resist all new types of entertainment games, despite the imposition of video games. Among board games, three of the best are currently widely played.

1. Hasbro, Cluedo

This board game is very popular with a large number of players. This is justified by its very interesting and strategic character. This is a game for those who are detectives at heart. It is actually played by 2 to 6 players. Throughout this game, we laugh, we pretend, we solve puzzles that are more and more complicated with each version.

Very popular, this game has had a makeover that makes it even more thrilling. A brand new suspect has indeed been added to him. The objective of this game is to solve the mystery that lies around the assassination of a certain Samuel Lenoir who is a famous billionaire. To do this, you will have to establish hypotheses by asking questions of your competitors.

Who killed Samuel? In which room? What weapon was used to kill him? These are some of the questions to ask yourself and find the right answers. It is a game that develops the spirit of deduction. In the new edition of this game is also added the adopted daughter of Samuel who is a doctor.

2. The Dujardin Escape Room

Escape Game Dujardin is one of the board games that are currently in vogue because of its fun and strategic nature. It is a game that is played by several people. The objective of this game is actually to develop team spirit. Each team must seek answers to the puzzles.

When you succeed in giving an answer, you will have to insert a code in the padlock which will open if the latter is correct. Otherwise, it will remain closed and you will be forced to find another solution to the puzzle. Each team must indeed find a 3-digit code that will correspond to the clues they have found. Ten different puzzles are offered.

3. Safe Chemistry-150 experiments-Buki

This board game is obviously done without the use of real chemicals. The goal of the game is to make mixtures, observe and understand nearly 150 chemistry experiments. It is safe and can therefore be played as a family with children. To do these experiments, you will have to use ingredients that are in your home, in your kitchen.

You can use vinegar, salt, oil, flour and other ingredients you have. During this game, you will discover and learn how to use a range of accessories that can allow you to become a real little chemist. Whether it is the test tube, pH paper, laboratory glasses, syringe or other tools, you will learn a lot.

Roller quad: the precursors of today’s skates are back in force!

Inline skates – wheels arranged on the same line below the sole – have been a real revolution in many areas.
With a first innovation by moving the side wheels of the quad skates (roller skates) to the center, giving other support, requiring more balance and support for the body and ankle but giving a new feeling of freedom for a whole generation that rediscovered roller skates (roller quad)!
Increased speed, more dexterity to start doing tricks (freestyle), easier to do bursts of speed and better manage the efforts to do long outings: modern skating is therefore more sporty and versatile.

Despite this, a whole generation learned when it was little on these famous roller skates: roller quads.
The younger generation has hardly been able to get to know these quad skates (except in the early ages, to provide immediate stability) but it’s never too late to do well and make up for lost time.
May those nostalgic who learned with the help of these famous quad skates and may the younger generations who have not had this opportunity be reassured.
Because they will now be able to come together around one and the same objective: to ride quad skates, since they are making a strong comeback, with a strong brand that is precisely targeting the market of nostalgic users.

Impala Roller Skates: the funny vintage brand on the rise!

This Australian brand created less than 4 years ago by a group of girls, passionate about board sports.
With the very good idea of ​​launching their own brand as well as its original, quirky and vintage skates in a revisited way.
While being at the height of eco-responsibility, since the creations are PETA certified, committed with associations for the protection and safeguarding of the forest. With actions to finance the trees to be replanted in relation to the wood consumed for the manufacture of skateboards.

Virginie Letang
Virginie Letang
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