You play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

We’ve all heard the saying about playing with fire. Metaphorically at least, it is true.

Two burglars broke into an elderly man’s home while he and his wife were sleeping, long story short, one was armed with a screwdriver, the  victim went into survival mode, stabbed one of the intruders and said intruder ran off, collapsed and died.

Sorry if I sound unsympathetic, but I’m not in the slightest bit sad. Yes, a young man’s life has been cut short, but when you look at his family history, they have more convictions between them than there are cells in Strangeways.

Assault, Fraud, Defrauding the Elderly, Driving without insurance, Driving under the influence. You name it, ONE of the family has done it. Granted the 2 most heinous crimes aren’t there (Paedophillia and Rape), but that doesn’t really save them any grace when they have the rest of the top shelf crimes under their belts.

Collectively, this one family has cost the UK millions of pounds in detention, legal proceedings, police time and appeals.

This isn’t a family, it’s a syndicate of crime, a parasitic underworld virus. To quote that very line from Titanic, ‘mother saw him as a dangerous insect that must be crushed quickly’.

I write a lot about the plight of offenders, and how they can make amends. How they can reform. This family however, I’m afraid to say, will never change, and like a swarm of mosquito’s carrying the Zinka virus, they need eliminating. I’m not calling for bringing back hanging or the chair, but they need taking away from society. Why should us, honest, hardworking folks have to live in fear of a feral family with no respect for others?

Split them up, send them to the toughest prisons and see just how they react when they don’t have a gang behind them and can’t bribe their way out of a situation.

It sounds Draconian, and very against my usual view, but let’s go all Hunger Games on their asses. Survival of the fittest, and then make an example of them by broadcasting it nationwide.  Maybe THAT will deter others from going down such a despicable path. If not, the bookies would make a fortune!

A young man paid the ultimate price for his life of crime, a young man who had no redeeming features and his family engendered his chosen ‘career’. So why is the man who stabbed him being held on murder charges? HIS house, HIS rules, HIS family, HIS property that HE was defending.

It’s an absolute disgrace! Had it been my house he broke into, he’d have ended up in a series of trials to rival that of the Saw movies. I’m not a violent person, usually, however, if someone breaks into my home, they will be met with one of two fates. The dog licks them to death and demands you play with him for at least an hour. Or I get my hands on you, and then your life won’t be worth living.


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