Airports are Getting Way Too Greedy

Airports are Getting Way Too Greedy

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Airports in the UK are on a cash grab again, and have been for decades. This time it’s Manchester Airport, who are removing their free drop off zones which are close to the entrances and charging for the privilege. The free drop off zones are now more than a mile away, and you’ll have to get a shuttle service into the airport.

This isn’t the first time that airports have used dirty tactics for extracting every last penny out of travellers. Leeds Bradford airport, last time I flew in, force you into a one way street, with the only exit having a £3.00 charge, despite not even stopping for more than 2 minutes.

Needless to say, my sister in law (all 4’9” of her) was having none of it. She got to the bollard, removed her key from the ignition and refused to move until she was let out. Causing chaos behind us as no one else could get out. They soon let her go on her way!

This is just more and more proof that airport bosses are becoming so consumed with profits they’ll stop at nearly nothing and stoop to any level to squeeze as much revenue out of customers.

At least Newcastle and Edinburgh have the infrastructure in place (a tram from the city centre) to actually warrant not requiring as many drop off and pick up spaces. But still, for Manchester to do this with only the train, which at best is about as comfortable as sitting on an old church pew, is diabolical, especially when Manchester Airport isn’t paying for the tram at all! Metrolink will be paying for the service to be extended to the airport.

It also riles me, that most people don’t carry exact change with them, and the use of contactless payments is somewhat dubious, especially at unmanned stations, as they can easily be tampered with to allow fraudsters to clone cards and use data.

There are a lot of things that are wrong with Manchester Airport, one of which is that the revenue they do make, doesn’t seem to go into improvements of the Airport itself, yet the Chief Exec is on a 6 figure salary!

All I can say is that, unless they start making some serious improvements to the airport itself, I’ll be boycotting it like the plague, because it’s like a stealth tax. It wouldn’t surprise me if they invoiced the NHS for picking up an ill passenger. That seems to be the type of business they’re running.

What if there was an emergency like a fire that couldn’t be contained solely by the onsite brigade? Would they charge fire and rescue for putting it out? What about police if there was an incident?

This is money grabbing at its lowest, and if they are unprepared to put a reasonable infrastructure into place, then why should punters have to pay for a substandard service when the airport already makes millions in revenue off retail?