I can only say this as a gay man, but it doesn’t matter, gay or straight, rape is wrong. It’s a demeaning and traumatic experience for anyone involved, and despite the myths that all gay men like to be promiscuous and have multiple partners in a week, the reality is, if you don’t want it, No means No.

The David Platt storyline is delving into the turmoil that follows male rape, something that is hugely under-reported to the police for fear of embarrassment, mocking and the idea that ‘men can’t be raped’ and ‘you must have liked it’.

Yes, it’s true, the male ‘G – Spot’ is in his rectum, but that doesn’t mean he wants it poking and prodding without his consent.

The same goes for women too. However, for men, the ordeal is a somewhat taboo subject that is very seldom broached.

When it comes down to it, the act itself isn’t the most damaging thing, it’s the degradation, humility and ultimately the loss of control that strikes men the most. Not being able to control their situation and being at the mercy of others, who for all intents and purposes have no intention of showing any form of mercy.

So for Corrie to actually delve into this very dark and sinister plot, one that has revolted many people, because of its nature, is a huge step forward to helping men know that #UsToo can be raped, sexually assaulted, abused and be the victim of Domestic Abuse. In fact, around ¼ of incidents happen to men, so we’re not alone. Nor should we be ashamed of the fact that some people are not nice and will do bad things to us.

It’s a horrible thing to say, but attacks like this are becoming more and more common, committed by men AND women, and the only way that we as guys can end it is to report it.

I’m not talking becoming a snowflake and complaining to the police because someone said you have a nice ass, or you have a cheeky smile, but serious complaints, like groping where not wanted, stalking, saying they can turn you (yes, I’ve had that one a few times), spiking, rape. We should be able to speak to the police and file a complaint without fear of being mocked.

Instead, we bottle everything up, bury our head in the sand and hope it will all go away. But it never does. It never goes away because it’s not been dealt with. With no absolution, no one can move on.

With absolution comes closure, and with closure comes a huge range of new opportunity. With opportunity comes success, and with success come satisfaction.

Something a lot of victims of sexual assault don’t get, all because speaking to the authorities is so daunting and painful. Not only the physical and internal examinations, but the mental side of it, and the fact that every time you see your counsellor, you have to relive it again.

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