The weather across the UK has taken quite a nasty turn for the worse. To the point now where there is a very credible risk to life. Be that on the roads or in your own home. This is partly due to people being unable to afford to adequately heat their homes, and many elderly and vulnerable people are succumbing to the cold, with coughs, colds, chest infections and the like on the rise, as is always the case in Winter.

Also broken bones are generally higher during the winter, and this can be greatly limiting when it comes to mobility, and as a lot of people don’t get paid if they aren’t working, it can place an unwanted financial burden on their finances as they must bankroll the next 6 – 8 weeks.

So if you’re in one of the more affected areas of the UK, try to be sure to check on your neighbours, especially the elderly. If you’re going to the supermarket, ask your neighbours if they need anything, offer to make them a hot drink and dinner. You’ll be surprised at how many people will appreciate this generosity, even if they don’t take you up on the offer.

Because we must stick together, you’ll find that in your time of need, it will be your neighbours that return the favour, especially if it comes to important things like burst pipes. All you must do is try, and it will be greatly appreciated.

If you live somewhere like I used to, and there are quite a lot of elderly people, you could open your home to a group of them, make a huge vat of warming soup(s) with bread and butter, and have a little party where your neighbours are in company, are warm, and are able to get at least one warm meal in them for the day.

The single parent that has 5 loads of laundry to do, but can’t because it won’t dry, offer to do some essential laundry like underwear, warm jumpers, thick trousers and socks. This will be not only greatly appreciated by the parent, but also the kids because they’ll have clean clothes.

There are all kinds of ways people can help, a pub in Manchester opened its doors at 12pm this week so anyone who is in need can go and there will be free hot coffee and tea, board games, TV and they’ll be out of the cold and in a nice warm pub with other people.

Helping neighbours to shovel and grit their driveways and the immediate road just off them is another great help, and as a problem shared is a problem halved, you will get the job done in half the time.

Try to ensure you check on your neighbours at least once a day, and make sure they have your contact details should an emergency arise, as is common when the weather is like this.

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