Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver is Insufferable at Times!

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver is Insufferable at Times!

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s chain of restaurants aren’t doing that well, in fact, I hear that thinks aren’t going ‘pukka’ at all.

With millions of pounds in debts including unpaid wages, I find it to be quite laughable that his sub-standard, over priced restaurants which boast some of the most prime locations in the country, have been able to be bankrolled for so long.

Barbecoa, the steak houses, now the rest of your empire you’ve been force feeding us like fat to a goose destined to make foie gras, is near as damn it in such a financial state of disarray, there will soon be nothing left but the bitter taste in your mouth.

But, no need to worry, you can still bang on about healthy school dinners and campaign for the better treatment of lettuce.

When you first started your little crusade regarding school meals, I was on board. The amount of salt and saturated fat that was in some of the meals was obscene, and you did do a good job on getting healthier food on the menus that didn’t only consist of vegetables. However, we’re now all getting sick of the sight of you and your ever so self indulgent rants.

This week’s victim, Red Tractor chicken. You said, and I quote, you ‘wouldn’t feed it your kids’. Well, I’m sorry mate, but not all of us are multi millionaires who can splash the cash on Organic, Corn Fed, Free Range chickens. Do you want a picture of the chicken on the Log Flume at Alton Towers too?

My sister is on a very low income, with 3 kids (15, 8 and 6), do you honestly think she could afford to only buy the most humanely sourced chicken? Chicken is cheap, it’s a family staple, and a whole chicken can make several meals over a few days. Sandwiches, Soups, Broths, Stews, Roasts.

The whole point of the Red Tractor is to be able to reassure lower income families that the chicken they are buying is a good quality bird that isn’t going to come out of the oven the size of budgie. Yes, we would all like to see animal welfare improved, but that costs money, and thus drives the price up. So what you are suggesting, is pricing meat out of the average families budget. How Dickensian.

I also find it hypocritical, you buy cheap for your restaurants, yet charge astronomical prices for it. Were you not recently caught up in the dodgy meat scandal? Oh Dear.

Well, if everything does go belly up for you regarding your restaurants, given your hypocritical, holier than thou nature, you could always retrain as a clergyman. They love to preach and then do the absolute opposite of what they say. Just remember, its fish only on Fridays, but no shell fish.