Betting Exchanges Offer Punters Better Odds

Betting Exchanges Offer Punters Better Odds


One aspect of being someone who does enjoy the occasional flutter on horse races that can drive you mad, are the very poor odds that many bookmakers will attach to each horse running in every race they have a betting market on!

You only have to take a look at this year’s Glorious Goodwood racing festival to realise, that even though the favourites are not winning anywhere near as many races as punters would like or expect, the bookies are still giving each ace a large over-round!

The over-round is what each bookmaker is expected to win if they have a well balanced book and the higher the over-round the lower the odds will be available in each race they are offering odds on!

There is however one way that as a punter you can achieve the best odds possible on any up and coming horse race you fancy having a bet or wager on, and that is by you choosing to not go about using a bookmaker or a traditional betting site and instead signing up to and utilizing something known as a betting exchange!

A betting exchange is a way of punters being matched dup to other punters, and as such you can ask for the odds you want on any horse running in any race, and if another user of that betting exchange wants to offer you those odds then your will be matched up with that punter.

Your stakes are held by the betting exchange and the potential payouts are held by the betting exchange and removed from the accounts of users who are offering their own odds, and as soon as the result is known the winner, that being the punter who placed a bet or the punter who played the odds for that bet are then paid out.

There are quite a number of different betting exchanges that you can make use of these days, and as such if you do want to offer your own odds on any up and coming horse race then that is something you are going to be able to do, so effectively you become a bookmaker yourself!

What you will also find on offer at betting exchanges are something known as in-play betting markets. As soon as a horse race or for that matter nay type of sporting event or sprint fixture starts an in-play betting market will be formed.

As soon as that in-play betting market goes live you can then take the odds being offered on any respective betting opportunity available on those in-play betting markets or you can choose instead to offer odds on any aspect of that sporting event or sporting fixture!

You really should consider making use of a betting exchange if you want to always be assured of getting the very bets odds available on any type of sporting event or sporting fixture, and you can sign up to any of them that are available in a matter of minutes too!