The war in Ukraine – civilians executed in Boutcha

Several European countries want to toughen sanctions against Russia after realizing that several civilians are being executed near the kyiv region.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounces “genocide”. There are bodies of civilians strewn all over the streets of Boutcha. At this moment, the UN continues to try to obtain a ceasefire, but the Russians still continue their acts.

Good to know :

  • There are mass graves in Boutcha where at least 300 civilians are buried. For this, part of the international community condemns this situation. Moreover, Ukrainian President Zelensky denounces “genocide”.
  • The Ukrainian authorities announce that the kyiv region is currently under control.
    Ukraine’s main port city, Odessa, suffered several explosions.
    In several Russian cities, hundreds of demonstrators were arrested.
  • Volodymyr Zelensky accuses the Russian armed forces of murder and torture
  • In a video message, the Ukrainian president denounces the poor execution of the orders of all the leaders of the Russian Federation. Thus, he sees the act of the Russians on Ukrainian territory as an unforgivable criminal act. Finally, Zelensky warns the Russians by introducing that a “special mechanism” was going to be created as part of investigating all Russian crimes in Ukrainian territory.

Miscellaneous news about the war in Ukraine

A hospital in Rubizhne hit

This weekend, another Russian strike against a hospital in Rubizhne, in eastern Ukraine, left one dead. In addition, three other people were injured, regional governor Serguii Gaïdaï announced on Telegram.

Boutcha: Tension mounts, UN seeks ceasefire

Several European countries accuse the Russian act in Boutcha as “genocide”. Furthermore, the UN does not comment directly on the causes and circumstances of the bodies of civilians executed in Boutcha. However, the UN is wondering about possible war crimes because this organization sees the violation of international humanitarian law by the Russian armies.

Predominance of anxiety in eastern Ukraine

The historic mining basin of the Ukrainian country is threatened with being struck by the Russians. At the moment, people who live there are trying to move west to ease the anxiety caused by the Russian announcement on the subject of the “next Mariupol”.

The population called to evacuate in the Donbass

Since the Russians are bombing all over the region in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities are beginning to subdue and take control in Donbass. For this, the population in eastern Ukraine must leave this place and evacuate to the Donbass. Currently, 4 trains a day transport Ukrainians to the western part.


Attempt to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council

The United States is trying to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council because of the acts judged as war crimes and human rights violations committed by the Russians in Ukrainian territory. The American ambassador to the United Nations announces that the Russians are overstepping the limit by carrying out totally unacceptable executions.

Mariupol 90% destroyed

Mayor Vadym Boychenko says the damage rate in the city of Mariupol is up to 90%. Due to constant bombardments, the city of Mariupol suffers unimaginable great destruction. Thus, the Red Cross is unable to reach this city. Indeed, a corridor had to be opened in order to enter this commune, but, due to security conditions, the Mariupol border is impassable.

Execution of a mayor and his family

The mayor of the village of Motyzhyn, her husband and their son were killed and buried in a shallower grave outside the village. A Ukrainian minister’s adviser accused the Russian armed forces after carrying out this act.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister considers the situation in Boutcha the worst of all that Europe has known since the Second World War.

Germany condemns Boutcha massacre

After several European countries, it is the turn of Germany which condemns the bad acts of killings of Boutcha. Robert Habeck, German Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economy denounced a “terrible war crime” in Boutcha. For this, Germany is asking for new economic sanctions from the countries of the European Union for Russia.

Lithuanian director dies in Ukraine

Mantas Kveder Avicius, 45, is a Lithuanian director who was killed trying to get out of the city of Mariupol. The Ukrainian ministry’s news agency tweeted that the Russian occupiers killed the Lithuanian director who made the documentary “Marioupolis”.

England’s capital calls for ‘war crimes inquiry’ after Boutcha massacre

From London, British Foreign Secretary Liz Trus denounced the “revolting acts” committed by the Russian occupiers against Ukrainian civilians. For this, this minister calls for a “war crimes investigation”. She said they would not allow Russia to cover up its involvement in these atrocities through cynical disinformation.

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