Theresa May Likely to Win UK Election by a Landslide

Politics is a funny old game, and with the UK having called a General Election, it appears to be the timing of that election that caught most people by surprise. For with years left to run on the current term no one was expecting Theresa May to stand before the press and announce, even after saying she would not call and early election, that she was indeed doing so.

The timing of the election is going to virtually guarantee that she is going to be Prime Minister yet again for all of the other political parties in the UK are currently is disarray and have no realistic chance what so ever of being voted into office.

Up in Scotland many people are disappointed with the Scottish National Party, and the constant requests by its leader Nicola Sturgeon for another referendum on Scottish independence, in fact it is looking increasing likely that the SNP will lose several seats in the forthcoming election. Either way they have not got enough MP’s even if they do win every seat in Scotland to outnumber the Tories.

UKIP on the other had are now a spent force, for with Brexit having been voted in they have no real polices in place that spark any kind of interest with the general public, and many people are suggesting that UKIP should disband as they have achieved their one main aim, that being the UK leaving the EU.

The Labour Party on the other hand are something of a laughing stock across Great Britain, for with their hapless leader Jeremy Corbyn and his equally as hapless Shadow Cabinet and the infighting in their party they are going to lose many seats in that forthcoming election and many people are speculating it could be the end of the Labour Party once the results are known.

The Liberal Democrats have never fully recovered from the time they served office in the hung parliament and linked up with the Conservatives, even though they now have a new leader, one Tim Farron, they have no realistic hope of getting anywhere near as many MP’s voted in to worry the conservatives.

Having taken a quick look at the betting markets by several different UK based betting companies it would appear the smart money is on a massive Conservative win. The odds on them winning are as short as 50 to 1 ON, and we cannot remember any odds-on favourite to win any sporting event or for that matter general election that has ever been turned over at such short odds!

Labour are currently second favourites at odds of around 18 to 1, with the Liberal Democrats trailing in third place in the betting markets at around 100 to 1. Very loyal and brave UKIP supporters could stand to win a small fortune if they bet on UKIP and by some sheer fluke they do win the General Election as the odds on them doing so are around the 1000 to 1 mark!