Was a US National Security Agency Hacking Tool Stolen and Used for Fridays Cyber Attack?

The massive and prolonged cyber attack that caused bedlam across the globe on Friday was caused by hacking tools that are believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency and were stolen and then shared online it was alleged today. The Russian Government, German Railway Companies, FedEx and British hospitals all experienced […]

Players Now Using Mobile Devices More Than PC’s to Gamble

It has been nearly 30 years now that casino game players have been able to log onto online casinos and chance their collective arms so to speak on all manner of different type of casino games from the comfort of their own homes, however it would appear that way of playing any type of casino […]

Will It Take Cash or Diplomacy to Bring Kim Jong Un To His Senses?

The patience of many world leaders is being sorely tried at the minute with the ongoing sabre rattling from the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un. However whilst many people are currently speculating that it will only be a matter of time before one nation, and probably the US does launch an attack, others are suggesting […]

Lives Put at Risk through Computer Ransomware Cyber Attack

Whilst for many business and companies affected by the cyber attack that rendered computers all over the world useless on Friday, there were some very serious side effects of that prolonged attack that being in the UK many people had their long awaited operations cancelled by the National Health Service. We have just heard from […]

Cyber Attack Affected Companies and Organisations in 74 Countries

As the dust is beginning to settle after the massive international cyber attack launched on Friday which affected businesses and companies and a lot of individuals, questions are beginning to be asked at why so many companies and government run organisations were left vulnerable to such an attack. Some major organisations were affected by this […]