The Media Circus Surrounding Alfie Evans Must End

I can’t, and hopefully will never have to, comprehend the apprehension the Evans family are going through. A parent should never have to bury their child, but unfortunately, fate is cruel, and for those who do, my heart truly does bleed. However, the entire situation has turned into a media circus and its ring master […]

Students Studying Music Warming to Sibelius

The bane of any students life is paying for software, especially specialist software, and poor music students seem to bare the biggest brunt. We have to pay for instruments, sheet music, text books, lessons in 3 other languages, then music notation software. Sibelius Ultimate is £1000! That’s a bloody big outlay, especially when you’re on […]

UK Police See Sense and Release Richard Osborn-Brooks

You play with fire, you’re going to get burned. We’ve all heard the saying about playing with fire. Metaphorically at least, it is true. Two burglars broke into an elderly man’s home while he and his wife were sleeping, long story short, one was armed with a screwdriver, the  victim went into survival mode, stabbed […]

Think you’re ready to take on a dog? Have a trial run!

There are few things that give you huge responsibilities, like real, life changing responsibilities. The usual one for most people is having a kid, then a high-powered career, and then, there is getting a dog. Babies, naturally, are the most responsibility, and once you have one, your world changes forever. From the minute they come […]

How to Be a Good Ex

When you break up with someone, especially after a long time together, you go into a kind of mourning, unless of course you’re insufferably pompous like Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow and ‘consciously uncouple’ (pass the galvanized bucket and smelling salts please). The longer couples are together, the more responsibilities they take on as a […]