OTT Foodies are Killing it For All of Us!

Imagine this recipe. 20 Organic Truffles ¼ Tea Spoon Organic, Edible Gold 500g Organic Lemon and Lime infused 90% cocoa Dark Chocolate 200g Organic non crystallized granulated white sugar 50g Organic, Pink Sea Salted Norwegian Butter 20ml Organic, free range goats milk. Christ only knows what that pretty little concoction would make, but it does […]

What Can 4 Year Olds Teach Pensioners? Quite a Lot Actually!

Imagine this all you young(er) people. You’re 87, widowed, have attended more funerals in the last decade than weddings, births and housewarming parties put together, and your only family have dumped you in a care home to live out the rest of your twilight years so they can continue their lives. You have few friends, […]