Students Studying Music Warming to Sibelius

The bane of any students life is paying for software, especially specialist software, and poor music students seem to bare the biggest brunt. We have to pay for instruments, sheet music, text books, lessons in 3 other languages, then music notation software. Sibelius Ultimate is £1000! That’s a bloody big outlay, especially when you’re on […]

Bereavement – No Right or Wrong Ways to Cope

When poet Helen Dumore passed away last year after a battle with cancer, she left something so poignant and beautiful that in her daughter’s time of need, she took comfort in knowing that her mother was at ease with her impending fate. Unfortunately, death can be cruel, brought on by even crueller diseases, or crueller […]

World Book Day is Fast Approaching

World Book Day is fast approaching, and it’s a great event that really broadens kid’s tastes on books. They’ll be willing to try different genres, authors, maybe even look for the more obscure stuff. It’s customary to dress your kids up as a character from a book, but there are a couple of unwritten rules: […]

Can the Rehabilitation Service Truly Work?

Susanna Reid has recently completed a documentary entitled Children who Kill. This comes after the furore and uproar as it was recently revealed the notorious child killer Jon Venables has been caught again with sickening child abuse images. But this now raises a question of not only ethics, but beliefs. Does the system work? Why […]