The Media Circus Surrounding Alfie Evans Must End

I can’t, and hopefully will never have to, comprehend the apprehension the Evans family are going through. A parent should never have to bury their child, but unfortunately, fate is cruel, and for those who do, my heart truly does bleed. However, the entire situation has turned into a media circus and its ring master […]

Think you’re ready to take on a dog? Have a trial run!

There are few things that give you huge responsibilities, like real, life changing responsibilities. The usual one for most people is having a kid, then a high-powered career, and then, there is getting a dog. Babies, naturally, are the most responsibility, and once you have one, your world changes forever. From the minute they come […]

It Looks Like Ant and Dec are Well and Truly Over

Following Ant MacPartlins drink driving charge, and his admission into rehab, AGAIN, they have been snubbed by The Royal Television Society. They initially were drawn up to be in the running for two awards, Saturday Night Takeaway, and I’m a Celeb, however, they have been pipped to the post this year after seeming snub from […]

Prostate Cancer Overtakes Breast Cancer in its Mortality Rate

I’m sorry ladies, we know all about your bits and pieces, it’s time for men to have a fair crack of the whip. Prostate Cancer has over taken breast cancer in its mortality rate, as it’s revealed that 11,800 men a year, or one every 45 minutes die from the disease, yet there is still […]

Compromises to be Made Feeding Children in Schools

A council in Scotland is aiming to roll out a ‘Food 365’ scheme across several schools in the borough to help tackle what is called ‘Holiday Hunger’. North Lanarkshire has one of the highest levels of poverty and deprivation in the UK and according to charities and food banks, they are beginning to feel overstretched […]