My eldest niece has spoken to me, and my sister about sex. She’s nearly 16, and has a steady boyfriend (that no one knew about until a few weeks ago), and she spoke honestly and openly about wanting to do ‘it’.

Shock horror. A teenage girl wants to have sex, on her terms, in a safe environment with all the protection she could want.

Fortunately, my family has a very open mind regarding sex, and my sex education started when I was about 4. We never had Winkies and Muffins, it was laid out bare, we have a Penis or Vagina (or as I pronounced it, Vinegar). It was always age appropriate, and started with inappropriate touching and why my private parts are private, and as I got older the mechanics involved in making babies, and when I came out as gay, the importance of using protection and the plethora of STI’s out there.

Many will question why my niece is coming to me for advice, and all I can say is, we are close, and I’m more than just an uncle. I’m her friend, hairdresser, purveyor of the finest cider, adviser, confessional, educator, forger. You name it, I’ve either done it or I’m waiting for her to need it.

You see, very little is off limits with my family. We discuss everything very matter of factly. From the mundane to the serious stuff, pretty much nothing is off limits. So although I’m not exactly thrilled my niece wants to have sex, she’s human, and a young woman. She’ll be leaving school this year, hopefully to go on to achieve great things, and she has all the knowledge to make her own informed choices. She’s experienced firsthand what it’s like to be a lone parent, and I’ve drilled into her the importance of birth control and protection. If my sister said no, she would have done it anyway, that’s what teenagers do.

This leads me onto my main point, there are a load of ‘Virgin’ girls on a Seeking Arrangement looking to sell their ‘virginity’ to the highest bidder. Now, I remember being a virgin, and believe me, the last thing I was thinking was sell it to the highest bidder. Actually, my first thought of sex was ‘is that it?’. I got bored!

These women prostituting themselves, and that is all they’re doing, are no virgins. They are hookers, whores. Let’s not beat about the bush. They very well may be 19, but I can count on no hands the number of 19 year old virgins I have met.

They may be high class, but no matter what spin you put on it, at the end of the day, they’re street walkers. Employed for an evening and paid for their services. They’ll then depart, and like every other working person, go about their day until the start of their next shift. If you honestly think that there is such a thing as an Eastern European virgin at 19, willing to sell it, you are deluded.


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