Alfie Evans’ father has claimed that doctors will withdraw life support. This tragic situation however has no winners, only losers, and now the Pope has jumped on the bandwagon too.

I’m sorry Francis, but where is your God now? And why, when thousands of children are critically ill, is this young boy suddenly of such importance you’d think he was the rebirth of Christ himself?

Alfie has an undiagnosed brain condition and is being kept alive solely by machinery. This isn’t a life for him, it’s an existence that is probably full of pain and angst. An existence that will see him never go to school, get a job, married or have his own children. And to add insult to injury and salt into the wound, indignant. He will require round the clock care morning, noon and night.

No parent should ever have to bury their own child, but unfortunately, nature is cruel, and my heart truly goes out to Alfie’s parents. I couldn’t imagine how it feels to know that your child will die, or that the life they will live will be dominated by their condition. It’s hard enough with my cousin having Cystic Fibrosis, and even though she lives a fairly normal life, she’s in and out of hospital and her life is dominated by diet, medication and physio.

What appears to have happened with Alfie, is that he’s almost a lab experiment. A guinea pig that is solely being kept alive to further test on. We’ve known for 22 months that nature never intended on this lovely little chap on living, and his parents have to know that they aren’t the only ones. My parents lost a baby (and my mother nearly lost her life and the ability to have children), hence my adoption. I’ve experienced firsthand the bitter-sweet emotions they feel. The horrible feeling of being ‘the replacement’. It seriously isn’t a nice feeling, but one that we must bear, like the Cross was to Jesus.

There is also the financial impact on the NHS to consider. I know that life isn’t and shouldn’t be defined by a monetary value, but, when it comes to the NHS, costs have to be balanced. Does keeping Alfie alive at great monthly cost benefit the 100’s of other children that can be treated? Can the NHS warrant keeping him alive by any means necessary when there are kids with cancer waiting to be treated? The answer, unfortunately is no.

It is time unfortunately for the Evans’ to say their final goodbyes and to kiss him goodnight, and allow the poor little mite to go to sleep and depart this world with dignity and in peace, surrounded by those who love and cherish him.

To drag this legal fiasco out for so long is cruel on all involved, and the judges who have allowed this to go on for so long should hang their heads in shame.

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