The UK has a housing shortage. Unsurprisingly, the government wants to build more housing. However, why the holy hell do they want to do it on green belt land? I’m going to sound like a pretentious snob, but I don’t care. The world is full of the have’s, and have not’s, and the one thing that separates us, is the value of our home and the area we live in.

So why is the government trying to devalue our biggest asset by flooding the expensive green belt land with ‘affordable’ housing. Affordable housing unfortunately attracts the ‘wrong’ type of person to the area, and in turn brings the value of surrounding properties down.

There are hundreds of thousands of derelict buildings in the UK, knock them down and build on those. Why should those who pay the highest council tax be subjected to their property values plummeting because Bingo Wings Bev has moved in and can’t be arsed mowing her lawn?

It is snobbish of me to say, but I really couldn’t care less. We work hard for the nice things in life, be that a dream home, dream car, expensive jewellery. It doesn’t matter what it is, we work for it, and the last thing we want is for some pikey to move in and make the entire street look like a travelling circus has come to town. Or even worse, treat the entire street like their own personal garage with a load of clapped out old cars being stripped down for scrap, spares and repairs.

The former mills in the UK, most of which are structurally sound, could easily be converted into affordable flats. There are housing estates that have been empty for decades. There are even entire towns and villages that are overlooked, and nature has taken over. Build on them, not on the sparse greenery that we have left.

Making expensive areas affordable essentially brings the entire area down, and these wealthy planners should remember, that if they don’t want something on their doorstep, neither do we. I don’t want to wake up in a morning and see into my neighbours bedroom window, nor do I want them to be able to see into mine.

The whole point of getting nice things, is that you work hard for them, or marry someone that works hard, and you look after them. You move up in the world. Start with a pokey little flat at 18, and by the time you’re 40 you’ve moved to a better area, with a nicer property, a better car and higher class neighbours who don’t hold wild parties every weekend.

There needs to be a divide, and affordable doesn’t have to be cheap, but it can’t impact the wealthy either. Build on the already unused sites that are crumbling, THAT is affordable, don’t give the good stuff away, because I assure you, it will only end in tears when the Nuevo Riche with the etiquette of a Walrus move in and drag the entire area down.


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