Yet another high street name is going. But am I sad to see it go. I think you’ll find the resounding answer is NO! Bargain Booze in the next 10 days is due to go into administration after failing to raise funds for a £30million tax bill.

This comes as a significant blow to the high street, but let’s look at the pro’s and cons of the situation as a whole.


There will be job losses should the company fold, and there will be a significant knock on effect in the supply and demand chain to pubs such as Weatherspoon, resulting in prices having to go up.

Yet more retail properties will sit empty.

The big 5 supermarkets will take over a larger chunk of the market.


There will be fewer drunks staggering around.

Teenagers are much more likely to not be seen on the park on a Friday and Saturday night with cheap bottles of Cider and MD 20/20 (I’ll get to this shortly).

General behaviour of people will improve.

When I was growing up, I lived in a pretty, little village that during winter looked like a Christmas Card, and in summer had the stunning backdrop of the rolling countryside. We had, and still have even after Tesco opened a new store, independent Butchers, Bakers, Green Grocers, Fish Mongers, Chip Shop, Post Office, Pubs, Cricket Club, Rugby Club, Bowls Club, Sweet Shop, Newsagents. In all, it’s a very idyllic place, somewhere that families pay through the nose to raise their children.

HOWEVER, there was one blight in the Village, and that was Booze Buster. An off licence whose owners actions were nearly as dubious as the name itself. Booze Buster was part of a chain of shops, and it specialized in, well, booze and cigarettes. However, having a population of the grand total of no more than 4000, and the fact the police were never seen because there was never any trouble, the law never really applied.

This meant that on Friday and Saturday nights, the park opposite the cricket club was a regular haunt for teenagers ranging from 13 – 16, some a little older congregating there, clubbing together and buying enough cider, 20/20, lager and Lambrini to sink a battleship. This led to the usual rowdiness. Never any major trouble, the kids were, and still are, taught how to behave, but they were a nuisance, especially in summer when they’re off for 6 weeks. Booze Buster did shut down, and now it’s a very nice home.

When Tesco opened, that was the nail in the coffin for the underagers, because of Tesco’s name, anyone caught serving underagers will be sacked on the spot. HURRAH!


Don’t get me wrong, my 15 year old niece is allowed a couple of drinks at home, under adult supervision, but I am so glad that she isn’t able to trot off down to Tesco to buy a load of cider, because the last thing I want is to hear she’s been drinking on the park and thrown up all over someone’s car.

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