Ball Tampering Infuriates Cricket Bettors

Ball Tampering Infuriates Cricket Bettors

Cricket Ball Tampering

The captain of the Australian Cricket Team, Steve Smith has admitted to cheating in a game against South Africa by tampering with the ball.

This has justifiably outraged many, Australians and South Africans alike.

Simply put, the bowler tampered with the ball by rubbing it with a rough piece of tape, which then affected the way the ball behaves. This then gives the bowling side an unfair advantage, thus making it easier for them to win.

Now I’m not a cricket (or any sport) fan. But even I know that tampering is against the rules. It’s like giving a huge middle finger to the authorities and ICC, and displaying such behaviour is not a good thing for our children to look up to.

It’s a GAME. You should be PLAYING it for the joy of playing it, not because someone is paying you a huge amount, or even more shady, there’s a large gambling firm offering a handsome sum of money for you to tamper with it.

Seriously, seeing a load of grown men cheat, and I’m not only talking in the world of Cricket. Football, rugby, cycling, the Olympics. It doesn’t matter, dishonestly giving yourself an advantage is very low. Especially when it’s these very sports people that bang on about not cheating and how it damages the reputation of the game.

Err, hello. What do you think ball tampering is?

Fans are calling for the entire team to be sacked and it could very well lead to hefty fines and even bans for the players involved. Why on earth, when you have a job that only us mere mortals could wish for, would you put it in jeopardy?

From this day forward, they will only be known as cheaters and frauds. A damning description for anyone to have to carry. Not to mention a sports person who is known the world over. Furthermore the fact the senior players and the coach knew what was going on makes this even more shambolic and diabolical. It’s no wonder the UK never win against Australia if they adopt dirty tactics like this.

So I’m with the fans. Sack the lot of them, because there are thousands of other proficient players who would happily take their places and probably for a fraction of the pay too.

Coming from a little village, I’ve seen my local football, rugby and cricket teams play, and if a player was ever discovered to be cheating, they would have a lifetime ban from playing at all of them and most likely be snubbed by the entire village.

Cheating in any sport is bad, doing it so you can get financial gain is even worse. You’re literally being paid to play a game. Count yourself lucky! If I was being paid to play games all day, I’d be a happy man!