I love the English Language, its evolution, its heritage and its versatility. I also love the fact that nearly every curse word can be enhanced by shoving ‘upery’ and the end of it. There are some words that over the years have developed to mean different meanings, and the underground language Polari.

What I am hating though, is that not only is text speak (or txt spk) making its way into everyday tongue, it’s taking over in some cases.

For example, ‘OGMIKRLMAO #CRZY’ to you and me it’s ‘Oh my God, I know Right, Laughing my Ass Off’.

Then we have the other one. YOLO! For god’s sake, are you incapable of saying You Only Live Once?

IDK – I Don’t Know. Is there something seriously that wrong with standards of teaching that we’ve regressed to using acronyms, abbreviations and completely changing the structure of the English language to suit our lazy wants to make life easier.

We should be using the language to its fullest and adapting it to essentially be a load of random letters that could mean anything is ridiculous.

There are local terms of endearment, such as ‘ya right Cock’ or ‘Hey Chick’, but they’re regional, and are actually quite pleasant.

Then you have the Polari aspect, a lot of which is still used today, especially among gay men.

‘The chickens just got himself a bit of trade for the night’ ie: ‘The young man’s got himself some company for the night’. And an ‘Egg’ is someone that’s underage.

We use words that originally had hugely different meanings, like Gay, which meant Happy.

And then ironically started using words in the wrong context to get the point across or to use as sarcasm ‘That biophysics PhD exam was SO easy I barely had time to finish the last page’

See the language can be adopted for a variety of purposes, including scathing, withering put downs that would make some of J.K Rowling’s tweets look tame.

‘All you are is a bigoted, homophobic, racist, narcissistic, anti-Semitic, white supremacist irru**bo’.

See, you can even slip in a couple of other languages if you don’t want to swear. I don’t there is a language quite like the English language, as it’s a bit of a Heinz 57, in the fact it lends a lot from other languages, and then also uses the traditional language of each country. For example, saying ‘Hola’ instead of ‘Hello’. But everyone knows what you mean.

For our language to be under constant attack by people who think it’s ‘amazeballs’ is quite frankly the most infuriating thing I can think of. That and using the wrong words in the right places because you don’t know the correct meaning and usage of the word.

Just imagine if your doctor wrote on your notes;

‘X totes hs chst inftn. Scribed abtcs. 4xday 4 3wks. Amxcillin’ Instead of;

‘X has a serious chest infection. Prescribed antibiotics 4x daily for 3 weeks. Amoxicillin.’

And your next doctor can’t understand a bloody word of your notes? You’d not feel overly confident would you?

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