So, my niece is getting older, and naturally she’ll make mistakes. This comes after a study revealed that women that have fewer than 3 children look younger.

Well, my sister has 3 kids, 7, 10 and 15, and I can tell you, there is an element of truth to what the study is saying.

From trashed lounges and bedrooms to eventful mealtimes, bills, rent and the usual daily problems that raising three energetic bundles of energy, she honestly does look her 35 years. Now, let’s get to some of the reasons for this.

We’ll start with the eldest:

She had a traumatic birth, born by emergency c-section. She was tiny, almost small enough to be in the special baby ward. Then the relationship with her father broke down, and she found herself homeless with a 6 month old baby and had to move back in with my parents until they found her a place.

Then we had all the usual kiddie problems. Sleepless nights, toilet training, sick days, chicken pocks and other illnesses. Also the terrible twos, including scribbling on the walls, covering the TV in nappy cream, nursery, school, bullies, the list goes on.

As she’s got older, she’s discovered smoking, and a penchant for mixed berry cider. I suppose there are worse things she could be doing than smoking the odd cigarette and drinking a can of cider (under mums close supervision) on a Saturday night. Still, these things are still a worry for the sister. Especially as soon enough, she’ll be going to college and uni.

The other 2 nieces have been pretty run of the mill. Both C Sections, one was born with jaundice. Pretty much standard babies. They cried a lot, pooped at every possible opportunity and regularly threw their food with surprising accuracy in every direction.

They’ve gone through the kiddie phases, we’ve been subjected to countless episodes of Peppa Pig, are currently in the midst of the Disney obsession, and they fight like cat and dog one minute, and are cuddling the next. Such is sisterly love.

We’ve got the school on my sisters back over everything from healthy school dinners to attending every parents evening, which is a nightmare because the pair of them have the same teachers, but they need to have separate appointments.

The problem with kids is, you can’t live with them, but you can’t be without them either, and they naturally know which buttons to press to get a rise out of you. It’s like they’re given a training manual in the womb!

So yes, there is some truth to the findings of the study, after all, it’s mothers who tend to bare the brunt of the responsibility, though, I do think had men been included in the study, they’d look older too!

Just because one of you is the bread winner, doesn’t mean the other has an easier life, especially when looking after 3, or more kids! Even super mum would be run ragged!


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